Watercolor Party Decor | Behind the Scenes.

Putting together Audrey's Watercolor Party was so much fun I wanted to show a little behind the scenes of the preparations. To create the decorations and details, Audrey and I hunkered down in my craft room and got to work. She painted white poster board (for the large number four we placed over the fireplace), paper cups, and a happy birthday banner while I dyed party streamers (more on that tomorrow). 

To keep continuity we stuck with the same color scheme Audrey chose for the invitations but other than that, there were no guidelines. Audrey painted and painted to her hearts content while we chatted about super important things. Things like why Sam has hair all over his body, why red and yellow make orange and how she wants a van + a house + a baby for Christmas.

It was a fun afternoon and one I hope she'll always remember. I know I will.


  1. I just have to tell you....the last few posts of party decor and planning have been AMAZING...I absolutely LOVE the theme and all the little details....it's so so cute!!!!!!

  2. You're making me wish I could rewind with my almost 7 year old girl to recreate this party when she was 4. We do the same birthday party schedule as you- first big party at age 4 and then the even years after that. I love all of the details, but my favorite thing is that you let this party completely embody the personality of your sweet girl and you let her be a part of the whole process. Major good mom points for this one, and a great example to me of how to do it right!

  3. Danyelle-This is so sweet! I LOVE that you didn't go overboard and that it was all about your little girl. You're such an amazing mom! :)

  4. I love how you had her help you. She must have loved that and will remember it forever. Kids love helping out.

    - Sarah

  5. I seriously adore sweet Audrey's little face. She is just a beautiful little girl through and through.

    I love that Audrey was such a large part of putting it all together. She will remember this!

  6. Danyelle I haven't stopped thinking about Audrey's party since your first post about it. Absolutely magical. It probably helps that I'm in the middle of planning my little girl's 4th birthday (it's only 4 months away!).

    What kind of water colors do you have? I seriously need to improve our supply in preparation for the winter months.

  7. Encouraging creativity, inspiring a possible future artist, making memories. Pure Gold!

  8. So beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of the decor!


  9. Such a great idea for this water color party decor. It has been my first time to heard about this kind of party.


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