Some Happy Things.

Some things making me happy today:

A four year old birthday party, general conference, October, pumpkin spice whoopies, striped socks, cloudy skies and cool nights, cross stitching to my hearts content, plaid shirts, pumpkin butter, new art supplies, family.

Happy Weekend to you, friends!

p.s. More details on the party coming next week. Stay tuned!


  1. Those are some happy things. Fall is just the best. Too bad it was 85 degrees here today. :( I just want to cozy up and feel a crisp chill in the air.

  2. Happy Birthday to your now four year old! I agree, General Conference + Family + so many of the other things you listed are happy things indeed. :)

  3. It looks like an adorable party! I was just thinking yesterday, that if I lived out by you, I would probably beg you to come over to craft during priesthood session :)


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