Confession: I haven't been able to get image #1 out of my head since I pinned it this past week. Isn't it pretty? I am in love with that skirt + imagine it would be perfect for twirling.

Speaking of twirling, I indulged and watched You've Got Mail yesterday during nap time. There may or may not have been cookie dough involved. And some cross stitch. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I highly recommend it.

1.Casual Tulle Skirt via Bee | 2.DIY Pleated Wrap Skirt from Grand Revival via Erin | 3.Pumpkin + Chocolate from Barefoot in the Kitchen via my original pin | 4.Paper Lovers Heaven from Besotted Brand  spotted via Creature Comforts | 5.Twinkle Lights from La Maison D' Anna G via Julie


  1. both skirts are so pretty! The colours are prefect :)


  2. Love, love, love that skirt at the top of your post. And your afternoon sounds like a moment of heaven on earth!


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