I'm always attracted to simple things. Simple rooms, packaging, recipes, art. By the look of my boards this week, maybe more so than ever? I've been thinking a lot about simplifying life. This fall for the first time in what seems like forever, my children aren't participating in sports. We don't have practices after school or games on Saturdays. It's been simple. And lovely. And I know it's not going to last long (basketball season's just around the corner, you know) but I'm basking in the lightness while it lasts.

1.Serene + Simple from Annaleenas Hem via love letters | 2.Kraft + Black packaging by Scout's Honor Co. from Design Inspiration via April  | 3.Feathers + Fabric from Once Wed via Randi | 4.Cookies from Desserts for Breakfast via Bonnie | 5.Do Good from TWAMIES via Kelly


  1. I love the browned paper packages with the twine. I just ordered 120 yards of twine in different colors and I'm SO excited =)

    - Sarah

  2. And now I want cookies for breakfast...

  3. Such a pretty color palette you've rounded up! :)