Make Something | Yarn Wrapped Headbands.

Being the mother of a nearly 10 year old, very crafty girl means I frequently hear the words, "Mommy, can I make something?" While I love creating with Abby it can be difficult finding crafts for her skill level. That's where the idea for the new feature "Make Something" was born. Every so often I will share a favorite (simple) craft that you can do with the little crafty people in your life. First up: yarn wrapped headbands.

A dear friend gifted Audrey a couple of these sweet headbands for her birthday. I knew immediately they would be a fun project for me and Abby to tackle together.

On a recent trip to the craft store we bought plastic headbands and yarn. You'll also need a hot glue gun and scissors for this project.

Step 1: Begin by taking the end of your yarn and glueing it to the very tip of the headband.

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around, covering the plastic end completely.

Step 3: Next, add an inch of glue to the surface of the headband and wrap more yarn.

Continue wrapping the yarn all the way around the headband (no gluing necessary) until you get to the other end and repeat steps 1-3 in reverse order. Trim the end of the yarn.

Abby's always had a difficult time keeping headbands in her fine hair. I'm happy to report these yarn wrapped babies stay in place all day! Plus, they don't give her a headache like the kind with the little plastic comb.


  1. I love this! I may make one for myself. Great for Christmas presents. I love ANYTHING with yarn. Thanks for sharing!

    - Sarah

  2. i love what you've done here. as usual. i had a favorite headband from anthro that was wrapped in silky ribbons. the ends eventually started unravel.. only to see the same plastic headbands you got at the craft store. lesson learned!!

    hope all is well in your neck of the woods. are you headed to ALT again this year?! xo.

  3. Hannah would love these!! We will definitely be making them together. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pinned! Sutton is going to loves these!

  5. These are a perfect craft to do with my littles. Thanks for sharing.

  6. what a great idea! i missed these wonderful how to's & fabulous step by step pictures.

    ++++love the nail polish! essie, yes?

    p.s. thanks so much for the welcome back comment. you definitely made my day a brighter one.

  7. :) so great!!

    by the way! Maybe you would like to join the giveaway:

  8. Thanks for sharing this project Danyelle. This would be right up Meegan's ally. She too is always asking me if I have a craft project she can do. :)

  9. Oh I definitely need to make these! I get headaches from headbands sometimes, too.

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