DIY Watercolor Party Streamers.

I love party streamers! They are an inexpensive way to transform any room into a festive party place. When planning Audrey's Watercolor Party, Lindsay suggested trying to dye white streamers to mimic the look of watercolor. We were both skeptical if it would work but I gave it a shot anyhow. After a couple of failed attempts I came up with a technique that worked and couldn't wait to share my method with you. 

You need to gather some basic supplies. Most can be found in your kitchen:
-glass bowls
-cooling racks
-food coloring
-white party streamers

Fill your glass bowls with a tiny amount of water. I think I used about a cup and a half. Add your selected food coloring colors to the water. I used 15 drops of each color to get the intensity I was looking for.

Place your crepe paper roll into the bowl and let it absorb the water.

Allow the dyed crepe paper party streamers to dry on your cooling racks.

Additional tips:
-Don't use too much water! The crepe paper absorbs the water quickly and will become soggy and unusable if you use too much.
-Give yourself a few days drying time. I made my party streamers the day before Audrey's party and spent a good portion that night drying them with a hair dryer.
-Buy a few extra white crepe paper rolls and test out your method. Depending on the color saturation you're looking for, you may want to use less/more food coloring than I did.


  1. wooooow this is so genius!!!! I'm totally pinning these if you don't mine. This is such a fun idea!

    - Sarah

  2. seriously?!?!?! this is brilliant. you are a genius, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. They are so lovely and the fact that they're easy is even better!

  4. What an awesome idea! You're amazing!

  5. I have those same pyrex bowls and absolutely LOVE them

  6. I wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog. Your creativity has inspired me on so many occassions. Thanks!

  7. I love how you make simple things so beautiful! And streamers are so pretty when they aren't all twisty! I never knew!

    I'm also wondering what would happen if you turned the streamers the other way around during the drying stage? Do you think it would be too runny or turn them all one color?

  8. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I've reposted your party at my blog.


  9. what a great idea! so simple but it has a big impact.

  10. Beautiful! Who would think the streamers are diy projects? I'll try this at home for my kids' parties, they would love it. Just a quick question, have you tried this on fabric? I'm thinking maybe it would be fun to put streamers in a nursery with this project, only a bit permanent since I also plan to wash it.

  11. I will surely keep these tips in mind. I’m currently planning to put some home wallpaper in my bedroom and use watercolor as the main material for painting, I think that would be a brilliant idea.

  12. Great idea & love the effect...wonder if rubbing alcohol would do the same thing w/o making the crepe all crepey? You can color noodles with alcohol (provided you aren't eating them) & food coloring, wonder if that same idea would work on the crepe?

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