Autumn Party.

Happy Monday, friends! Did you have a nice weekend? The highlight of ours was celebrating Abby's 10th Birthday. I kept her party simple, mostly because I was sick most of last week and didn't have the energy to fuss over details. In the end I was happy I didn't stress. The party turned out great and Abby had a wonderful time with her friends.

For decorations, Ryan strung up twinkle lights along the perimeter of our backyard and I stuck vinyl letters on a few of our garden pumpkins to welcome guests. The girls painted pumpkins and had tether ball matches between eating bowls of Abby's favorite soup, pumpkin pie and apple cider.

I'm always amazed at the impact a few strings of lights can make. They instantly make any space feel festive and magical. Which is exactly the way a 10th birthday should feel, no?


  1. This is absolutely perfect for a fall birthday! Happy Birthday Abby!!

  2. I think simple is the way to go! It looks like they had a blast, and in the end, I'm sure they just like being together. I love the whole effect of the twinkle lights. It really makes the whole thing feel magical. :)

  3. so cute...what is her favorite soup? would love the recipe to see if i can get my littles to eat soup other than chicken noodle...

  4. Lovely, simple party. The twinkle lights add so much. I'm scheming ways to hang some lights around our patio, but haven't come up with a definite solution yet.


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