This very moment...

It's officially Fall! I'm so happy I could cry.

To celebrate, this weekend I plan to:
-eat pumpkin pie
-paint my nails this lovely color
-finish up a secret project
-find the perfect cardigan with elbow patches

Happy weekend to you!


  1. You weekend sounds divine. I plan on doing my nails kind of Fall-ish next week and I can't wait =)

    Happy Fall,


  2. wow whats that first picture, how do you make it?

  3. Looks like a spider is coming your way! Beautiful photos. Enjoy your Fall festivals

  4. AAH! How do you manage to get the number buttons? I have tried to reproduce them (oh gosh) in blue on Gimp, but they do not turn out correctly. Do you make them yourself? or are they downloads? or are they just from a photo editing website?

  5. Please let us know when you find that perfect cardigan with elbow patches! I've been craving one of those!

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