I've obviously fallen into Autumn with both feet, haven't I? I can't help myself! It's my favorite time of year. The past few days have been cloudy + cool which has lead to a lot of fallish pins on my boards.

I've enjoyed putting these Pinned posts together so much I'm considering making it a weekly feature in this space. What do you think? Meet me here on Tuesdays?

1.Closetoe Wedge in black from Marais USA via Lindsay's pin of the gray version | 2.Wreath Stamp from Emilie Friday via EZ | 3.Simple Gibson Tuck Tutorial from Simply Stardust via Laura | 4.Cozy Nook Bunkbeds photographed by Richard Leo Johnson on Suziebeezie via Love Letters | 5.Thank You Kindly by The Black Apple via Christina


  1. I do love me some Pinterest!

    I've been wearing my hair like that often ever since I first pinned it. I don't have the gorgeous shade of red in my do but I still love it.

    So glad Fall is here. I can feel myself breathing easier.

  2. I love Autumn. And I love those cozy nook bunk beds - how fun would it be to curl up and read a good book on those?

  3. I love the gibson bun. I pinned it a while back and have been sporting that hairdo lately. I'd love to see your pins on Tuesdays!

    - Sarah

  4. I love it! I enjoy following you on Pinterest too. You have great taste :)

  5. I love the 3rd picture of the pinned back bun! Thanks for the cute idea!

  6. Yes please do it, you boards are all so beautiful!

  7. I love your pins and autumn. I'd look forward to it if you made it a weekly post.

  8. I already follow you on Pinterest, but I still enjoy seeing these posts that pull together images from several different boards in the most lovely way. :)

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