What To Wear To 4th Grade.

Abby's heading into the fourth grade in a couple of weeks. Her style mimics mine so closely, I often find myself wishing I could squeeze into her clothes. This outfit she pulled together is no different. Aside from the pink hair bow, I can easily see this working for me. The striped cardigan over the patterned top is so fun!

Yesterday a reader commented about thriftiness and I thought she brought up some good points. Don't be fooled by these inspiration boards, we're on a budget too.  Earlier this month I was able to stock up on jeans for all my school age children at Gap (8 pairs for under $100, holla!) using coupons and taking advantage of a great sale. I do my best to hunt out coupon codes online and usually only pay full price for shoes. My children are slow growers-rarely outgrowing shoes before the school year's over. I don't mind paying for shoes because we get our use out of them. What about you? What do you do to save money when shopping for your children without sacrificing quality and style?

Key Hole Floral Top from Gap $26.50  | Big Bow Hair Clip by Gymboree $3.99 | Striped Cardigan from Target $16.99 | Goldenrod Cord Toms $38 | Super Skinny Jeans (saturated dark wash) from Gap $22


  1. Yep. Abby clearly has her mother's great taste. Love the cardigan!

    I'm so impressed that you got 8 pairs of jeans for such a great price!

    I like to buy my kids jeans at Sears or Shopko, because if they wear out or get holes, they will exchange them. And since my kids very rarely grow out of a jean size in a school year, sometimes we'll get 2 or 3 pair of out them. (seriously. what do my kids do to jeans anyway? there are always holes!)

    I'm completely with you on paying a bit more for a good backpack.

  2. i love these posts. so cute! and fun to have your kids develop their personal style.

  3. This adorable! Definitely miss "what to wear on the first day of school". Question for you, how do you create these adorable inspirational boards/collages? Do you use a certain program? Love it!

  4. Hello Nicole,

    I use Photoshop to create these boards. It takes of a bit of learning but is so, so fun! Thanks for the compliment. :)


  5. Can I wear this too? LOL

    - Sarah

  6. Very chic! I wonder if those goldenrod tom's come in my size?!

  7. i can't wait to see their first day of school photo on your front porch!
    lovin' these posts.
    love, lin

  8. these posts are so great.

    That top is SO adorable! I want it in my size!!! The perfect abstract modern floral.

    been following your blog for a while now and its quickly become a favorite!

  9. I'm the same as you -- splurge on shoes, save on the rest.

    And if your feet are small enough (I think women's size 7.5) the largest kid size will fit. Tip from a Tom's loving friend of mine.

  10. I shouldn't even get started when it comes to thrift but it gets me all excited when I see that word. Since we live in a country that is crazy about wasting things I seriously have been able to find just about everything you have posted at thrift stores, yard sales or ebay. Granted it takes a little planning and patience in case just what I'm looking for doesn't come up right away but I tell ya time and again it's worth it, this year was the year of finding converse shoes thrift style, I think seriously every one of us got some, and about the style thing I think it comes out a little bit more creative because who want to look like everyone else anyway? Gotta find that balance between training up my kids to care to much about what culture says about style and who they really are.


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