Homemade Ice Cream in a Bag.

Recently the kind and talented Lyndsay left a comment with her recipe for homemade ice cream. I've always wanted to try making ice cream in a freezer bag so last night we gave it a shot. The children LOVED it! Making this ice cream was so simple and easy, I thought you'd like to try it out too. 

To get started you'll need to gather:
2 zipper freezer bags. Lyndsay suggested using one gallon and one quart, but I only had the gallon size on hand and it worked just fine.
1 C. cream
1 C. milk
6 Tbs. sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
salt (I used Kosher)

In one bag mix the cream, milk, sugar and vanilla then seal. In the other bag add enough ice to fill the bag halfway. Add 1/2 cup salt over the ice. Place the sealed cream mixture bag on top of the ice and salt and seal the bag. Knead and shake the bag for about 5 minutes until the mixture in the inner bag has thickened. Remove the inner bag (containing the ice cream) and enjoy!

We sandwiched the ice cream inside my favorite chocolate chip cookies that Owen and I baked earlier in the day. It was a simple and delicious summertime family night treat.


  1. I love this! We will definitely try this soon!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. this is such a fun family activity. we did this for my husbands birthday party last year. each guest got to shake their own bag. then we had 33 different toppings to represent his age!

  3. We just did this for pioneer day. I didn't really think it could be done. The kids loved it.

  4. This is the highlight of grandma camp for all my nieces and nephews! It really is the best vanilla ice cream!

  5. Did you get those stripey napkins at Target this summer? I found some there and bought like 5 packs!

  6. Love the napkins! I knew that if I suggest you make this, that you'd document it properly (which I did not). :) I am so glad you did. Yum!

  7. This is way too cute. Seriously. Will be trying it soon, while it's hot!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  8. Oh wow - what a cool idea... I don't think I can wait for summer to try this out... Today is the day... I'm going to pick up all the ingredients when I pick up Ava from kindy!! H xo

  9. Wow so easy! I can't wait to try it with my boys!!

  10. those ice cream sandwiches look delicious! We tried this as one of the activities for our students' summer camp last year and they had such a great time. Cleaning up the mess made by all the melted ice afterwards(we did it indoors--big no no!), however, was not so much fun.

  11. I love your blog, Danyelle! Thanks for the recipe. I remember doing this in my 5th grade class :)

  12. I remember doing this when I was a kid. So fun + yummy.

    This reminds me of an idea I saw SOMEwhere on the internet (which of course I can't find now!) where you could put together a little homemade ice cream kit so you could make ice cream in your hotel room simply by adding water and hotel ice. I think it was actually an idea for wedding guests in a block of hotel rooms, but it would be fun to take along on a trip.

  13. Amazing! I have to try this! That's my Sunday afternoon sorted then - and my Sunday snack ;)

  14. Hello! I just wanted you to know I love love LOVE your blog and actually featured your ice cream in my "friday favorites" this week (with a link back to your blog of course). http://www.pecklife.com/ Happy Friday!

  15. we've made this three times in the past three days since discovering it. dangerous to have such yummy ice cream so easily. a huge hit with the preschool crowd!

  16. Great Recipe!!! Thanks for sharing!

    The only thing I would change is the amount of vanilla but just for my families tasting. Next time I think I will use only 1 teaspoon because my mouth tasted like vanilla all day and my kid even said that her mouth tasted funny. But that's just IMO. Not big vanilla fans over here. :)

    This recipe was a HUGE hit at my house! A must try for everyone with kids!

  17. Adding this in to my comment above:::

    Just realized that my Adams Best vanilla is twice as strong and is actually imitation vanilla. No wonder the vanilla taste has been lingering in my mouth all day. Ha!! Def will be picking up pure REAL vanilla flavor for the next time!

    Thanks again for sharing! :)

  18. Did you use heavy whipping cream?
    Can't wait to try!!

  19. OMG!! Sweet! I'll make this soon! Bookmarked this page <3

  20. That Lyndsay Johnson sure is a smart cookie!

  21. Made a modified version for chocolate and had no cream!

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