The Girls' Room | Progress.

Wow! Thank you for your kind words on my last post. From your comments it sounds like I'm not the only one that has commitment problems when it comes to decorating. Perhaps in our browsing through pages + pages of design magazines, blog posts, scouring through catalogs and online shops we have convinced ourselves that everyone is living in lovely, well designed spaces. I know I discouraged myself, I thought that my house couldn't measure up - so I gave up. Sad. I want to stop thinking that way. I want to see my home as a work in progress, not like a project that is too overwhelming to even begin. Who's with me?

With my new found resolve I've been collecting a few ideas for the girls' room and wanted to share them with you. I mentioned that we'll be keeping most of the girls' furniture so the bulk of the re-decorating is coming through the accessories. That's the fun part anyway, right? 

No. 1- I love this print! I already have it framed and everything, aren't you proud?!
No. 2- My cousin Lisa has this set of lovely books in her music parlor. When Abigail and I visit for her weekly violin lesson I secretly covet them. I'm excited to add the set to the girls' bookcase.
No. 3- Kristin brought this Ikea striped fabric to my attention and I can't stop thinking about it. The window in the girls' room is teeny tiny so a pop of pattern in a roman shade might be nice. Especially since I plan on keeping the bedding simple.
No. 4- I envision all white bedding for the space. I'm not set on this duvet quite yet. I like that it's feminine, but perhaps too much so? What are your thoughts? Have you seen anything out there that we might like more?
No. 5- You might remember I included this decal headboard in my Houzz ideabook. In the early planning stages of the room redo I was thinking of upholstering a headboard for the girls but this decal is so budget friendly, it won over. Plus, I think it will add a fun little kick to the room.

I think I'll keep the rest of the details a secret until the big reveal. I promise not to keep you waiting too long.


  1. I hear you on the ruffles. There is such a fine line between twee and pretty. I bought the West Elm parachute duvet a year ago and find that it's a good in-between.

  2. I love everything!

    I thought about buying that exact same duvet for my daughter's room (I'm decorating her room right now too!), but decided not to. "That is a lot of ruffles to force on a girl who I'm not sure will love ruffles," is what I thought to myself. Maybe instead I'll get a ruffly curtain panel and use it for her closet door?

  3. Love all the little details you're coming up with. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  4. i love the duvet and those books are so pretty. i love when i see them sitting on our bookshelf. i'm excited to see how you pull it all together.

  5. A decal headboard...what a neat idea! With what you've shared so far, your girls' room is going to turn out fabulous!

  6. I'm with you! You're so right. I'm working on changing my thinking, too. My place is going to look great, one touch at a time.

    Looks like your daughters' room is going to be awesome.

  7. I guess I'll bee buying second copies of all those books since those are the cutest I've ever seen.

    I'm not really into decals but I like the ones here:

  8. I am in love with the ruffled duvet. Go for it.

    (Glad you like the books. :) )

  9. I love that print too, such a nice punch of color. Where did you get it?


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