First Day 2011.

A few things to remember about the first day of 2011...

1. The past few days I've been a nervous wreck thinking about sending Easton to middle school. I've been wondering who would be in his classes, would his teachers be kind, is he ready? And then this morning when he came up the stairs looking so handsome in his new shirt, I knew he would be fine. There was a peacefulness in his countenance and his calm nerves soothed mine. 

2. Owen was as excited as can be to head out the door. He was ready to go (with shoes and backpack on) an hour and a half before he should have been. What's he most excited about? Recess, of course. And a special friend that's in his class.

3. Abby wasn't nervous at all. She was cool and collected, ready to start this new year and eager to wear her new clothes. The happiest part of her day? Finding out her best friend was assigned to sit next to her in class. Lucky girls.

I always thought it would become easier to send my children off to school the older they got. It hasn't. I dread the first day of school like other mothers dread the last. I miss my children when they're gone and so do Audrey and Oliver. They've already asked too many times to count today, "is it time to get the kids?" 

What do I look forward to? The routine. Hello, happy school days routine! 


  1. I couldn't pay my kids to wear jeans on the first day of school because it's always still so warm here...I'm always impressed that yours will!

    The middle school is scary, isn't it? I've been a wreck all morning.

    The look adorable. Here's to a great year!

  2. As I watched Hannah walk out the door this morning to catch the bus, I was trying to hold back the tears. Middle School? What???

    Love the pictures!

  3. why haven't i ever realized this before: i have a 4th grade girl and a 1st grade boy, too!

    you have such beautiful children, danyelle. yay for a new routine!

  4. there it is! back-to-school 2011. so excited for your babes. even more excited to be in the 'school routine' with you this year. adventures, yes?
    love, lindsay

  5. I feel the same way sending my son to school. I miss him dearly! I still have my girls to keep me company, but it will be a sad day when they go to school too.

    Your kids look adorable in their new clothes :)

  6. I love your blog and its simplicity! I, too, dread the first day of school ... xoxo

  7. I know the routine is good for us all, but I have to say, I think I'm more tired than the kids! Up late at night worrying if we'll get out the door on time. Ha! P.S. I LOVE the striped tape on the brown lunch bag! You are the cutest!

  8. What a handsome trio! What a sweet way to pack your middle schooler's lunch. :-) That tape says I love you in a subtle way.

  9. Beautiful kids! That Easton is going to be a charmer :)

  10. Adorable sweet faces!! Love this post....and well... every post you create! Miss you!

  11. Aw sounds like you have great kids!!! The start of school was always such a bittersweet moment for me - exciting, but sad to go back to the routine at the same time!


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