Paper + Craft.

While Abby and I were in Utah we stopped in on one of my favorite shops. Soel Boutique has pretty clothes, inspiring displays, great baby items, and a nice selection of Chronicle Books. I made a big little pile of items on the counter to purchase and one of them was Paper + Craft.

Written by Minhee and Truman Cho of Paper + Cup fame, Paper + Craft has been on my wish list since it's release last year. The photography by Johnny Miller is lovely and the projects are simple enough for even the greenest of paper crafters. I'm sure you'll love the easy to follow instructions and free downloadable templates (available on the Chronicle Books website) as much as I do.

These paper boxes with geographical shapes stuck to the front are a favorite craft from the book and think they would make a nice favor for a going away party.

And these animal silhouette drink tags would be a fun addition to any party too, don't you agree?


  1. Wow this book look amazing!!!! What a great find.

    - Sarah

  2. I have that book and LOVE it.

  3. You have motivated me to order a copy from my local library... I especially adore those animal silhouettes! H xo

  4. Dandee is letting me borrow her new favorite book for the pinwheel ideas. That's the kind of gal sweet Danyelle is. Thanks for coming to Tiffany's wedding work party last night. You really are a sweet heart. And, thanks for letting me borrow your new favorite book. I shalll return it soon.

  5. I love it, I love it...
    But i don't find similar magazine in France... Bouhouhou


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