Craft Camp Day Three | Simple Dishtowel Aprons.

Every year at Craft Camp I like to do some kind of sewing project. The girls love using the sewing machine and I love knowing that they're not only making something cute, they're learning a skill they will use for a really long time. 

For our sewing project this year I had the girls make darling striped aprons out of dishtowels. Lindsay came to camp that day armed with her sewing machine and the two of us (and our machines!) were so busy we didn't manage to snap a single picture. I did however create this tutorial for you.

If you think your little lady would like to create this apron too you'll need to gather:

1 cotton dishtowel roughly 20"X 28" (found at most craft stores)
rotary cutter, cutting mat + ruler
iron + ironing board
2 1/4 yards of 1" grosgrain ribbon
sewing machine
safety pin

Read the full tutorial after the jump.

Step 1: Fold your dishtowel in half lengthwise. 

Step 2: Iron a nice crease.

Step 3: Measure 4 inches from the left and right of your crease line and mark with pins.

Step 4: Measure 10" from the top of the dishtowel down each side and mark with pins.

Step 5: Grab the corner of your dishtowel and pull in towards the center crease line, creating a corner at each of the pins.

Step 6: With your pins still in place, iron the fold flat on both sides of the dishtowel.

Step 7: Remove your pins. Using your ruler, measure 1 1/4" from the crease line you just ironed and remove the corner with your rotary cutter. Repeat on the opposite corner.

Step 8: Fold the raw edge of each corner over 1/4" and iron flat.

Step 9: Using a straight stitch sew the ironed edges on both sides. These are now the casings for the apron strings.

Step 10: To create a pocket, fold the bottom edge of the apron up 6 3/4" and iron flat.

Step 11: Stitch up both sides of the pocket to secure.

Step 12: Stitch up the center crease line over the pocket to create two separate pocket sections.

Step 13: To make the apron strings attach a safety pin to the end of your grosgrain ribbon and start working in through one of the casings. When you've worked the ribbon out of the first casing pull it through to the other side. The loop at the top will be the neck of the apron.

Step 14: When the safety pin has been through both casings, trim the edge of the ribbon. You're done!

This is a simple beginning sewing project that will make both you and your girl proud.


  1. Thank you for sharing the project and especially for making up the tutorial after the fact.

  2. LOVE this idea...thank you!!

  3. I am loving your camp craft posts. Actually all your posts!!! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring creative with all of us. It is such a pleasure to read bits from your life and your family.

  4. Simple. Sweet. & soooooooo cute!

    love, Bree

  5. I like your project and your blog. kisses from italy. linda

  6. What a stunning DIY! You are so thorough, I love it.

  7. This turned out so lovely! What a perfect tutorial for beginner sewers (like me!). :)

  8. I love all your cute craft camp ideas! thanks for sharing.

  9. That method of making casings for the apron strings is brilliant! I love that it makes the strap behind the neck totally adjustable and easy to slip over the head -- without needing any snaps or velcro or anything. I wish I would have discovered this idea BEFORE I made aprons for my kids. :)

    Also, I love the variety of projects that you've done at craft camp -- and we're only up to day 3!

  10. I love a little girl in an apron. I made my daughter one a year ago and my heart sings whenever she starts playing in her kitchen by first putting on her apron.

    I love these lifetime crafts you taught the girls!

  11. would this fit a 6 year old?


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