Saturday was a great day. For years + years we've been wanting to purchase a boat. We live in an area with plenty of rivers to enjoy and having a boat is a great way to keep cool during our long, hot summers. It's also a way to create happy summertime memories with our children. In my post Saturday morning I mentioned we would be doing something we've been dreaming of for a long time. Guess what we did? We finally bought a boat.

To celebrate I packed a picnic lunch, grabbed my sun hat and headed out for an afternoon on the river.

The weather was lovely although the water is still a bit too chilly to enjoy.

I think I smiled the entire time we were out. 

And on the ride back to the dock? Oliver fell asleep on my chest which made the day all the more perfect.

Only one more week of school. . . 


  1. oh how fun this summer will be!


  2. We would love a boat as well. Such great memories to be made on the water!

    Happy boating!

  3. ha...this is so funny to read because on Saturday Donald said something to effect of 'we should buy a boat' and then we came to the conclusion that even better than buying a boat is having friends that own boats.

    So glad we are friends :)

    (**wink wink)

  4. So exciting!!! When I told Spencer you had found a boat, he was a smidge envious and wanted to start perusing Craigslist right away ;) I held him off...

  5. Sweet memories are always in the works.

  6. That sounds like so much fun!!! Yay for buying a boat! My family goes boating all summer too - it's one of my favorite parts about summer!
    Star Hughes Living

  7. Congrats!! Looks like you guys had so much fun and will continue to all summer. My husband REALLY wants a boat so maybe someday we will see you out on the river. :) And I love your sun hat.

  8. hooray, congratulations! what a grown up purchase. my family went boating every summer growing up and i have such great memories of our trips. the boat doesn't get out as much now as it used to, but i can't wait till jack is old enough to experience life on the water.

  9. Looks like a lovely day. Do you have a charming picnic basket, or did you just stick everything in a big plastic cooler? :)

  10. R8chel, I wish my picnic basket was super charming but it's just a little nylon zippered number I picked up from Target a couple of summers ago. :)

  11. looks like you had a lovely time. the kids will cherish weekends spent on that boat!

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