Summer Wish List.

Happy June! Are you as excited for summer as I am? The children still have a week and a half of school but let me tell you, I'm counting down every pick up and drop off. Here are a few summer-y things I'm dreaming of:

. Bon Iver's new album drops June 21st. I've been listening to the first released track "Calgary" for days + days. You can download it for free right here. (Thanks to Rachel for the tip!)
. Pretty striped towels.
. Izze!
. My new summer bag. (it's on it's way to the cozy brick house as I type this. yay!)
. Classic Jack Purcell sneakers.

Head over to Swoon today to read part two of my summer wish list. But first, tell me friends. . .what are you dreaming of for the long days of summer?

Images: Bon Iver, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Kenner The Kid, Sophia Harcourt, Fabric & Handle, J.Crew.


  1. That bottle of Izze looks so good right now...

    My summer wish list would include:

    - a pool
    - the beach
    - a girl's trip
    - jugs of ice cold lemonade

  2. I just want some time to sleep in. Sheesh! And maybe some time to write...all alone...on a beach.

    I had a dream last night that we were hanging out. :)

  3. no freakin' way.
    there were a good twenty five minutes last night that i stewed over jack purcell's-versus-classic white chucks. there are currently both sitting in my zappos cart. we have NEVER discussed such things before in real life. have we? crazy twin brains.
    my last pair of jack purcell's were in 1996. on a summer trip to aberdeen with my BFF. we laid on the fake sandy washington beach in our new sneakers and daydreamed of kurt cobain in old man cardigans and tried to will him back to life.
    so happy that bag is already on it's way!
    love, lin

  4. Love this list!! My summer wish list would include a new bag too :) Chips and guacamole. Strawberry smoothies. And a tan! Oh, how I'd LOVE a tan!
    Star Hughes Living

  5. I'm enjoying summer with my kids already. Our wish list is long but as long as we're together, it should be fun.

  6. I heart Jack Purcells. I wore them in junior high. My brother works for NIKE and gave me a white leather pair recently and I love them.

  7. I'm dreaming of...
    -real fruit popsicles
    -watching my kiddos run down the slip and slide
    -cool night walks with my husband
    -and going to the zoo with the whole fam.

    p.s. Just got Costco's coupons in the mail today and they fave one for Izze!!!

  8. Danyelle, you're everywhere this week! Black Eiffel, Hip Hip Hooray, Swoon... Good for you!!!

  9. hmmm, i need to think about my summer wish list.

    i really like that bag,
    and bon iver.

    waiting patiently for 6-21.

  10. LOVE jack purcell sneakers. My second favorite next to converse. :)


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