Summer Reading | Blog Edition.

I loved reading all of your book recommendations yesterday. Thank you! I now have a hefty list to choose from and am excited to get started.

I thought today we could continue the conversation but switch it up just a little. I've been thinking a lot lately about blogs. And blog content. And link love. There are more blogs in my Google Reader than I care to admit. A list that far exceeds my "inspired by" list over there in my sidebar. With all of the great content online, it's easy to let things get out of control. I'm currently working on sprucing up my link list in this space and editing my list in my reader. Here's a question for you, if you have a blog do you link to other blogs? How do you choose which blogs in your reader to link to?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

While you're thinking, here are a few places (that may or may not be new to you) that I really enjoy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Annie of Annilygreen at Alt and instantly loved her. She is quick witted, sincere, and has a great eye for design. On her blog, Annie is currently keeping readers up to date on her rental re-do. Did I mention Annie's incredibly kind? Because she is.

I'm not sure how long Barefoot in the Kitchen has been in my reader. It's been a couple of years at least. I love Stephanie's perspective on pretty much everything. She is a mother that loves being a mother. Her simple + sweet posts always leave me inspired and uplifted. Plus, she bakes and sews like I wish I could.

I am what you would call a visual person. I tend to prefer blogs with more pictures, less words but Marta Writes is the exception. I pretty much lap up every post. Marta's thoughts are so well written, so natural I get excited to see a new post pop up in my reader. Even better, Marta is a dear. We met at Alt too and I've loved getting to know her.

Now tell me, what are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. whoa...niceness overload. thank you! i just spent my day wrestling a toddler who seems to hate my guts, so it's nice to hear that someone likes me. :)

  2. This is always a hard one for me. I don't like when I spend too much time on the internet so I don't want to overwhelm my friends and readers. I usually put blogs on my blog list that 1)post regularly, 2)are creative and inspire me in some way (to be a better person, to be more creative, to read more, and so on). And I try to support the people who are trying to do something creative and inspiring with their lives. (I wonder if I even fit in those categories myself. Haha, something to consider, I guess.)

  3. I am realizing I have WAAAY too many in my reader, I definitely need to trim it up because i always feel like I need to read every post!! I am going to check out your recommendations though and probably add them haha! one blog that I absolutely read every single tim it comes in my feeder is Enjoy The Small Things at

  4. Oh Danyelle, thank you! What a nice surprise this morning. It's funny, because I read your blog for the exact same reasons that you read mine. :) I wish we could meet in real life! I think we'd be fast friends.

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  6. Well, I must say that most of the blogs I frequent are ones that relate to raising handicapped children - like Elisabeth.

    And that's how it is for most people, I think. We read what will help us and teach us things that will pertain to our everyday lives.

    And, similarly, those are the blogs that I link to on my sidebar - I have a section linking to other hydrocepahus kids, one for epilepsy, and one for vision impairment.

  7. I too love Stephanie and Marta's blogs. But I've yet to read Annie's. Thanks for the recommendation!

    I too have way too many blogs that I frequent, but I will say they are on my list for a reason or another. Be it their writing style, content or photos they are on my list because they each inspire me in some way.

    One of my favorites is Red Geranium. {} I started reading Elizabeth's blog several years ago and loved her beautiful take on motherhood. We were able to meet for lunch a couple of years ago, and she is one of the sweetest and most genuine people I've met.

  8. Lately it seems that I've been thinking about blogs and blog content constantly so I can totally relate.

    The thing that concerns me about the list of blogs that I link to is that it doesn't change as frequently as the blogs in my reader do. I am always adding new blogs to my reader but rarely ever change my list, mainly because I never think of it. Sometimes I feel like I need to have a giant blogroll or none at all. But with no blogroll at all I feel like I wouldn't be crediting all of the wonderful people who inspire me everyday. It is a conundrum.

    P.S. I love Marta and Stephanie too! I'm off to check out Annie right now.

  9. Marta and Stephanie are long time faves. One of my favorites right now is Bloom ( It's full of beautiful ideas on motherhood. I also agree with comments that the kinds of blogs I subscribe to are based on what I feel like I need at certain times. I've been cutting back on my blog reading lately, and a lot of the blogs that I've read just for the sake of pretty haven't made the cut to stay- I need more substance making me feel inspired to improve.

  10. oh danyelle, thank you so much. this post made my day! i can't wait to check out the other two blogs! i have way too many blogs in my reader, but one i read every day is

  11. I love your blog!!! As for my blog roll, I have little buttons to a few featured blogs that are similar in content to my own. I need to update it as there are so many more blogs I'd like to include! (like yours!)
    Star Hughes Living

  12. I just checked out the blogs you suggested and added them to my reader. :-)


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