Craft Camp 2011.

Back for a third year, it's Craft Camp time! Your little lady will take home a completed project everyday, make new friends, expand her crafting skills + enjoy a healthy snack. If you live in the Tri-Cities WA area and are interested email me at to reserve her slot. Space is very limited.


  1. Danyelle, I've been doing craft camp in my home each summer because of you! I think I look forward to it as much as the girls do.

    I do it a little own children are a bit older and can hang out for the I double up my day....8-10 year olds in the am and 11-13 year old girls in the afternoon. It is such a FUN week. The moms are begging for Craft Camp for Ladies in the evenings! That's my next project!! Thanks for the idea a couple years back!

  2. I love that you do this. Promise that you'll still be doing it in about 6 years for Eva... ;)

  3. Hooray! I need to double check our summer travel plans but I think it will work!

  4. Such a great idea! Can't wait to see what you and the girls make. :)

  5. is it really round three? that's nuts!
    i always wish i was still an eight year old girl - everytime this rolls around.
    love, lindsay

  6. That's a very clever idea. But I don't have any kids yet... and don't live close to you, otherwise I'd go myself! :)

  7. Have you been moving the age? :) Every year when I see your craft camp I think, yippee for EmmaLee. But she never makes the cut off. Dang! Maybe next year. She turns 8 in September.

  8. This is one of my favorite summer activities for the girls in my area. They LOVE it!

    You know what else is a ton of fun -- and I can so see you doing something amazing with it -- a penny carnival. We used to do it every year in our neighborhood and it was the event of the summer. Pick a day when nothing is going on. Call about 12 kids and ask them if they want to plan a booth. They don't have to be elaborate at all -- they just have to come up with some kind of easy game kids under 10 can play and buy some candy for prizes. We geared our carnival towards little kids under 8 so that the 8 to 11 year olds could run the booths. The price to play or do an activity costs less than 10 cents -- usually 5 cents. Spread the word at church and in the neighborhood and tell all the kids to bring their change.

    You can't believe how many kids show up with jars of money. My kids thought it was the funnest thing ever to host a booth, and then go play at all the other booths. My kids would make signs and decorate their own booth, which we do a few days before the carnival.

    We always have a mom selling hot dogs and drinks for .25 cents and we have a little penny candy shop. We considered it a great fellowshipping activity, and something that my kids could do to earn their Primary, Faith in God award.

    The kids love coming up with their own ideas for booths, but here are some of the easy things we did:

    Mystery box (stick you hand in the box and guess the contents inside) . My kids decorated the box and found all the stuff to use for the inside at home -- like erasers, paper clips, keys, etc

    Horse race. We made up a game with stick horses. Each contestant took a turn spinning a wheel that allowed you to move up a grid so many spaces. the person who got to the end first, won a prize.

    Memory game.
    Face painting.
    Hair braiding.
    Nurf gun shooting at some sort of target.
    Cupcake walk.
    Soda ring toss.
    Hop on one foot race.

    If you do this, send me pictures. :)

  9. Oh how fun! I used to teach craft camps too - it's one of my favorite summer memories!! Lucky girls that get to go!
    Star Hughes Living


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