I did everything on my list this weekend which almost never happens.

I used a pedicure gift certificate I received for my 30th birthday 5 months ago.
Why did I wait so long?

Ryan started building our chicken coop! While he was working away I snatched a sticker from one of the pieces of lumber and stuck it on his back. 
It was still there when he went to the grocery store 7 hours later. 

The guy in line behind him had a good laugh.

The children played in all of our fallen dogwood tree blossoms. . .

. . .and then had cozy coupe races in the back yard.

Owen snapped this picture of me and my favorite polka dot dress with my favorite 3 year old.
I think it's cute that she's standing just like her mama.

Other highlights: Abby + her best friend giggling in the back seat, Easton's AAU basketball team finished up the spring season undefeated + Sam and I discovered the joy of late evening walks.


  1. I love taking pictures of my mid-pedicure process. I usually have knitting on my lap, though. :-)

  2. Ha Ha...that sticker was hilarious!!

    And that picture of Audrey tossing the blossoms in the air - her expression is priceless!

  3. looks like you had a lovely weekend!

  4. i love your weekend family photos. they always make me smile. and i must know where that darling dress came from!! i'm a sucker for a polka dot. xo.

  5. Congrats on completing everything on your list!! That's rare for me (because I'm too ambitious), but it's such a good feeling when it happens. I was away for the weekend, so I was glad to not even have a weekend list...

  6. All of it sounds lovely. I just got my issue of Real Simple and it's a good one :)

  7. i just read that issue of real simple. hope you enjoyed it and your pedicure! sounds like a great weekend.


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