Last week was pretty quiet around here, wasn't it? Sorry about that friends. Blogger + I were having issues but I have to admit, when all was said and done the little break was nice. 

This weekend was stormy around these parts. I loved it!

On Friday (to celebrate being one week closer to summer) the children ate ice cream cones on the back porch.

We had a "Little Critter" marathon.
Question: Do your children love Little Critter as much as mine?

Audrey helped me in the kitchen.

I practiced my pie baking skills.
Thanks to your suggestions I feel like I'm improving.
 I still have some tweaking (practicing) to do before I share what's working for me...
(p.s. It was apple)

New Sunday afternoon activity: watching multiple "Mormon Messages" on You Tube.
This one and this one were our favorites yesterday.

Other highlights: Ryan and I enjoyed a Friday night date by the river which lead to discussions of 'why we need a boat', soccer is officially over for the season(!!!), and a set of new white sheets were purchased. Have I ever told you about my obsession with crisp white sheets?


  1. I love white sheets -- especially when they're fresh off the clothesline!

  2. We LOVE Little Critter around these parts. My mom has all of the books that I had when I was a little girl and my little Z loves reading them with her grandpa. I used to have all of them on tape too. I'm working on digitizing them because they were so fun to listen to.

    Your pie looks gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for posting those Mormon Messages. The first one was just what my boy needs to see. Made me cry thinking of my boys leaving me on missions.

  4. Wasn't that storm on Saturday crazy? I loved it though!

    Your pie looks so yummy, now you're making me itch to bake one myself ;)

  5. Your life is so photogenic, lol!

  6. It's the little things that make our weekends so special.


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