Spring is stealing my heart. 

On Saturday we finally planted our garden.
Question: can you grow raspberries in a raised garden box?

We went on a date.

 Owen relaxed in the shade with a  juice box + his new sunglasses.

Audrey + Oliver hauled their little camp chairs from the backyard to the front porch to watch our neighbors sprinklers. It was super cute until they pulled up every single pansy from my pots.

Ryan read aloud from The Price We Paid as we were winding down Sunday evening. We have been asked to join the youth from our church on a 20 mile trek this summer (in August!) and the experiences shared in this book are helping us prepare. Have you read it?

Other highlights: We let our little chicks out to roam around the sunny lawn then spent 20 minutes chasing them down, I baked banana bread, all the time spent outside has left the cozy brick house neglected. I'll be paying for that today.


  1. We had a delightful weekend as well which culminated with the celebration of my son's First Holy Communion. Present were out of town grandparents and lots of friends. The house needs attention and the laundry is sky high but it was all worth it. The day was glorious.

    Wishing you a good day as you put it all together again.

  2. You can plant raspberries in garden boxes. It works just fine. Looks like a delightful weekend!

  3. I have a raised bed/garden box that I planted 3 tiny raspberry bushes in 3 years ago. They have since taken over the rest of the box (I had to relocate the blueberries). I will also have to keep pulling up shoots that make themselves known through out the growing season... But, yes you can grow raspberries in a raised bed.

  4. What a lovely weekend! I wish our Spring wasn't so cold this year, but we are getting outside to enjoy whatever we can get. Our chickens got to go outside too! We got our coop over the weekend and the girls have been spending their days there.

  5. i can't believe i haven't met those crazy chicks of yours! sounds like the ladies wanted a night out.
    happy to hear that there was a date night this weekend. lucky love birds.
    love, lindsay

  6. We have successfully grown raspberries in raised beds for 4 years now. In fact, they spread all over and we can't stop them!! It's a good problem to have. There is something about raspberries and tomatoes though. Either you can't plant raspberries where tomatoes used to be or vice versa.

  7. Sounds divine.. and when you master the rasberry thing shout it from the roof tops since I know they like more sandy soil but I just can't keep the beds from drying out!


  8. A trek! How cool!! We did one in 2007, and it will always stand out as one of my best life experiences with my hubby.

    I haven't read that particular book, but there is so much good reading about the handcart pioneers and I've read (and loved) a good share of it. My favorite is probably "Tell My Story, Too."


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