This very moment. . .

This sunny day has all of a sudden turned gray. It has me aching to crawl into my bed, put on a pair of spripey socks + watch You've Got Mail.

All three boys need haircuts bad. Like, their hair is growing over their ears and down their necks- bad.

After reading through all of your helpful comments on how to make a pie crust (you guys are the best!), I'm feeling motivated. Maybe this weekend I'll give it another shot?

I'm wearing a new favorite nail color. It's called "Tangerine" by Essie. You sort of need to own it. It looks great with a powder blue top and khaki pants. Trust me.

Happy mother's day to all of you mothers, hopeful mothers and mothers at heart. I love you. And if you + I were neighbors I'd show up at your door with a little treat. Probably chocolate. Because you deserve it.

Image of me + my chicks by Lindsay.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, Danyelle. Thank you for your example of exceptional and deliberate mothering.

    And on another note, I can't wait to read the pie crust comments- I have the same problem!

  2. Ooh, I think I will go snag that nail color. It looks like a great color!

    I love this picture. Love it!

    Happy Mother's Day, Danyelle!!

  3. i loove that picture of you with your kids!!

    i should attempt a pie this weekend too. i dream of being a great pie maker. but no luck yet. ha.

  4. I love this picture! You are the heart of this whole scene, and you heart it well :)

    Enjoy this weekend.. and when you come by, make it dark chocolate!

    One more thing.. if you achieve that perfect pie crust, then you have to share your success!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! Because of you, I'm dreaming of painted finger nails--any color!

  6. reminds me of today. it was so sunny this morning and then i looked up and it had gone grey. and suddenly i was tired and sad...strange how that works...


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