Summer Essentials.

I was hoping she would pick red.

But how can you ignore HOT PINK!

We bought both.

What do you consider summer essentials?


  1. oh my! I wish I had a girl! We are all boy over here;)

  2. I totally buy saltwater sandals for my boys. But their lack-of-traction causes problems for my always-on-the-run manchildren. There's always a few extra scraped knees and palms because of them.

  3. I keep putting off buying Ava a pair because I can't decide on a color! Maybe I should splurge and get more than one too:)

  4. Oh my, I always had them in white growing up, (which i loved) but the hot cute!!

  5. All my boys have worn Salt Water Sandal. They are too cool for them now, but they look so classic. We have about eight pair of navy blue ones.

  6. I bought the hot pink for my daughter last summer and I'm so happy they still fit. I would have chosen the red myself.

  7. what cute little feet!

    i just bought yellow and silver ones for my little norah, and i have to really squeeze her chubby little feet into them... so sad, i may have to bring them back!

  8. We have Saltwater Sandals in yellow with little hearts punched in them, with scalloped edges. I ADORE them. :) Maya's still breaking them in, though. The yellow goes with everything, oddly enough, and inspired me to buy some yellow wedges myself this year. The pink is very summery and fun!

  9. I haven't tried them yet for Elliott because he has the chunkiest of feet. But my absolute must have summer essential for him are bathing suits. This year's is, well, perfect! I can't wait for the pools around here to open up so I can see those chunky legs in those shorts!

    p.s. this may be the longest comment I have ever made :)

  10. are they saltwater? Faith has some (great thrift store find!) I'm starting to love them too.

  11. That is about the sweetest pink picture EVER! I think Audrey likes being your model. :-)

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