Stories I've Only Told My Mom.

Sunday was a long day. Sitting in the pew at church with 5 children has become increasingly difficult the last couple of weeks. My baby doesn't understand what it means to whisper, big kids kicking one another assuming I can't see, a toddler crying over a purple crayon that is missing from the bag- my eyes slowly filling with tears of frustration. For some reason while I was sitting in that pew this Sunday my mind went back to this e-book. I remembered how I still wanted to read it. It was waiting for me in my inbox + I imagined there would be words of wisdom within it's pages. Words that would teach me something that I could apply to this. The stage of loud children, crying fits and teary eyes.

Last night after the cozy brick house was quiet, I snuggled up in my bed with Ryan's iPad and read every essay inside Stories I've Only Told My Mom. Some of my favorite bloggers shared such intimate moments I found myself tearing up again. Feeling so grateful for this motherhood experience. For the lessons learned and the perspective gained. Heather Spohr's essay alone is worth the $4.99 price. It's a touching account of losing a child and I wept through most of it.

Grab your copy of Stories I've Only Told My Mom right here on Amazon.


  1. Oh boy! Can I relate? We get out of school for summer at the end of this week and I already sense the wicked transition that happens when everyone is home together a lot more. I need eyes in the back of my head and a straight jacket both at the same time. This too shall pass. As I heard somewhere, the days are long but the years fly by. Having good strong mommy friends makes all the difference in the world.


  2. The lonliness of sitting on the bench alone gets better, the blessings sometimes take time to recognize but they are so unbelievably worth it, I'm not just saying that because everyone does, I think I like the sunday bench better then the late night meetings though, Elias has no idea how to whisper either, we should talk sometime......

  3. thank you for saying this! I've often looked at your descriptions of your weekends and your "before church" pics of you in a beautiful dress and thought "her kids must be calm and helpful and beautifully behaved" to make church such a peaceful experience. I have the experience of planning, laying out clothes, getting up early and STILL sometimes feeling frazzed by the time we make it to church, let alone make it THROUGH church.

  4. I downloaded this and can't wait to start it! I need to finish the other three books I'm reading though :)

  5. It's an amazing book by amazing women! Though Chapter 12 is a decided favorite!


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