Aren't spring weekends lovely?

We had two soccer games and a basketball game all before noon on Saturday.
Which was busy but also left us the entire afternoon to ourselves.

Sam helped me plant pansies in the pots by the front door.

We also did some much needed weeding, pruning + transplanting.
Perfect for breaking in my pretty Liberty of London gardening gloves.

Abby mowed the lawn while Owen ran around with sticks.

We added five little ladies to the family.
Ryan walked in the door Friday night with a box full of chirping chicks.
You should have seen the children's faces, we're all very excited.

Other highlights: Abby played her best friends soccer team, I finished up a really fun tutorial to share with you, and Easton's favorite team won. Yay!


  1. Baby chicks--how fun is that! And your grass already looks fantastic! Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. What I got out of this post:

    Won't it be great when the kids can mow the lawn?

    Awesome. Happy Spring to you!

  3. Abby mows the lawn??? I am SO impressed! ( I would suggest to Donald that he let Alexandra have a go at it - but I don't think he would ever trust his beloved lawn to the hands of an eight year old! ha!)

  4. I have been looking everywhere for baby chicks on craigslist the past two weeks, but no such luck . Where did you find yours?

  5. We did chicks for Easter 3 years ago, and they were so delightful! Then our ridiculous HOA made us get rid of them once they were full-grown hens. Don't tell anyone, but we have two illegal hens in our yard this very instant laying lovely fresh eggs for us. And so far, none of our neighbors have ratted us out!

  6. Yes, spring weekends ARE lovely, even when it pours rain all day on Saturday. This weekend I got to sew an apron for my little boy, and I also started working on a paper mache pinata for Easter. So fun!

  7. BABY CHICKS! Oh, how I envy the fresh eggs you'll have in your very own yard.


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