Spring Break 2011-Part Two.

Hiking the Y. Isn't this something you sort of have to do while you're in Provo? I thought so.

When we started this adventure, everyone was excited. Especially Audrey and Oliver who got to rotate pony rides on Ryan's back.

And then. . .well, Owen decided he was too hot. Too tired. Too thirsty. The hike was too long. Too steep. Too boring.

It was tough, but he pushed through (with promises of ice cream and Jimmer paraphernalia from the bookstore.)

After we snapped a few pictures Ryan talked to the children about how overcoming hard experiences in life bring us the greatest rewards. The hike was hard. The view was indeed a great reward. I think Owen understood the lesson.

Then we texted Grandpa one last picture and headed back down the mountain.

Utah, I really do love you.


  1. cute pictures! looks so fun! paraphenalia?

  2. Lovely photos! I spent a few weeks in Utah a while back and I LOVED it; it's such a beautiful place.

  3. Alicia,
    Paraphernalia, you know, articles of equipment, accessory items. :)

  4. My husband and I were just commenting last night that while both of us attended BYU, neither of us has ever hiked the Y! But we're expecting a baby boy in August and my dad wants us to name him Jimmer (lol). I think that would be an adequate show of devotion, right?!

  5. I'm not Mormon but have many friends who are. I would climb the mountain just for that alone. So many of them have and lived to tell about it. :-)

  6. i'm with owen...that is one steep and boring hike. i need trees and green when i hike to distract me from the burn!

  7. I wish your spring break would have included visiting me... ;o) Your Justin pictures were amazing, being from Provo, yes you have to climb the Y, and so so glad it was such a beautiful weathered weekend for you.

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