Spring Break 2011-Part One.

Friends, first let me thank you for all of your amazing Utah recommendations. We had a great week together in the Beehive State. We focused on the children, doing activities that interested them most. This meant I didn't get to check everything off my wish list, but Ryan and I have concluded to going again sans children. There are too many tempting restaurants and shops calling us back.

One of our favorite activities was touring Temple Square. The weather was beautiful, the flowers and trees were in bloom and the older children were fascinated by all of the facts the Sister Missionaries taught us about the buildings. We hadn't visited since I was pregnant with Abigail so everything was new and interesting.

The image on the right was taken by a replica of the famous Christus statue inside the North Visitors Center. It was tricky trying to get a shot with all five children. It was a busy day + Easton was feeling self conscious standing in front of a lot of strangers for a picture. I hurried and snapped a shot as soon as all of them were up there and love the way Owen and Audrey are both looking at the Savior.


  1. I LOVE visiting temple square! You got some great family shots there!

  2. cute pictures. your family is beautiful.

  3. Such a beautiful family you have there. Loved the pictures!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful! What a cute family!

  5. Thank you so much, guys. Temple Square really is a beautiful place.

  6. oh my goodness. number one, your family is oh so cute. number two, your children have such charming names. number three. all so stylish on temple square. so glad you had an incredible time. what a great activity for spring break.

    p.s. i'm with owen about the Y hike. i was such a whiner when my hubby took me there!!

  7. you have such a cute little family! i love temple square too. and i'm glad the weather was nice while you were here, it's been raining all week :(

  8. Your family is adorable. I love all the bright colors you're wearing.

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