A Party for Lovely Lindsay.

Lovely Lindsay is 30 today. To celebrate, Amelia, Kristin and I threw her a simple surprise party last week.

We rented out a room at our community center and I have to admit, I was blown away by the beauty of the space. Floor to ceiling windows (overlooking the river in the daylight), hardwood floors + exposed beam ceilings made the need for decorating minimal.

We supplied some of Lindsay's favorite snack foods + drinks, potted little plants in votives for favors, and gathered photos of Lindsay throughout the years to use in creating the large number "30" on the wall (which was inspired by this image from Martha).

I much prefer simple parties with a few special elements to over the top shindigs. And I'm pretty sure Lindsay does too. Happy Birthday, dear friend.


  1. It was perfect! And I loved seeing Lindsay's happiness as she walked through that door.

    Happy Birthday Lindsay!!

  2. i agree. a simple thoughtful party is the way to go. nice work, looks so pretty! i really love that martha pic idea!

  3. Looks like there was a glow of friendship in that room.

  4. This is beautiful. A lovely party by very thoughtful, sweet friends.

  5. What an amazing community center! It looks so new and modern, not like I expected! I especially like the favors -- the book page is a nice detail.

  6. me: such a lucky girl.
    love, lindsay

  7. When I turn 60, I expect a surprise party with all the stops pulled out :) You have 8 years to plan. Get busy friend. :) :)

    Seriously, super cute ideas. I just love the things you come up with!!

  8. another beautiful job. those details were so carefully thought out & made it lovely. she is so blessed to have you around!

  9. Hi,

    I love these invitations - so classic and chic yet funny! Can you please please tell me where you got them?

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