Inspired By:

Neutral Chevron.

I know the chevron trend has been around for awhile, but lately I'm really loving it. Especially in neutral shades. What about you? Do you have any inspiring chevron images I need to see?

P.S. Today I'm sharing my favorite swimsuits on Armelle while Caroline takes some time off to snuggle her new little babe. I'd love it if you would come say hello.


  1. Love the simplicity of that lampshade and the translucency of the curtains. Not sure if I always like the chevron, but in the neutral shades it doesn't overpower.

  2. I love those shelves in the last photo so much! They seem to pair perfectly with the walls.

  3. I super love that pendant light. I have had my eye on that number for a while! Now I will be obsessed with it again!

  4. Melissa,
    I feel the same way. A chevron pattern can be so strong, I'm often afraid I would tire of it after awhile. The neutralness of these items calms those fears.

    Caroline, I LOVE that shelving too.

    It's so pretty, isn't it? The price is pretty great too.

  5. The chevron pattern is very slowly growing on me. These neutrals make the chevron seem less harsh, which is nice. And I really like how subtle the chevron is in those curtains!

  6. I too am loving Chevron patterns lately! I especially love that curtain! I want a skirt or tee with this pattern or something ;) Happy weekend friend!


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