Cozy Brick House Tour: Oliver's Room.

I've decided to do a little tour of the cozy brick house here on the blog. First up is Oliver's room.

Oliver's now two so I guess he's graduated from having a "nursery" to having his very own full fledged bedroom. I am a  v e r y  s l o w  decorator. It takes me ages to pull a room together. Not because I don't know what I want, it's because I know exactly what I want. Which can be a problem when you live in a town with extremely limited shopping resources.

A couple of years ago I posted about some of the pieces that had already been purchased for this space and I'm ashamed to say (head hung low) it was pretty much in that same condition until a month ago.

I recently ran across this image on Pinterest and knew it would be the perfect book storage solution for Ollie. We stuffed the shelves with his favorite books, he loves being able to grab them so easily and I love how inexpensive the set up was.

Oliver is in love with giraffes so when I came across Sharon Montrose's work, I snagged up the baby giraffe in a heartbeat. I followed Sharon's framing advice and purchased the white frame from West Elm. I'm so happy I did! The quality is fantastic, so much better than the white frames I have been purchasing from Target and only a few dollars more.

For the bedding, I ended up using the bedding my mother in law purchased for Owen a few years before Oliver was even a dream and freshened it up with this striped orange crib sheet.

The yellow canvas growth chart was given to me by sponsor Petite Lemon and it such a darling addition to the room. I love that's it's canvas, I love that it spells out "Oliver", I love the cheery yellow color and I ADORE that it's a pennant.

The Eames style chair is from Amazon. A friend and I went in on the set of two and I have to be honest,  I was pretty nervous about the quality. The price was so low I thought there surely had to be something amiss. I'm happy to tell you I was pleasantly surprised when the chair arrived. It's great quality, and comfy too. I snuggle with Oliver in it every night before he goes to bed.

Other resources:
-Animal Alphabet Print- Petite Collage.
-Crib + Dresser- IKEA.
-Large clock (on the dresser)- West Elm.
-I Am A Child Of God print- Persimmon and Pink.
-Butter yellow curtains- Pier 1.
-Orange lamp- IKEA.
-Little hanging owl (on the doorknob)-Whimsy Love.
-Wood Radio Flyer Trike-Amazon.
-Metal letter "O"- Anthropologie.
-Blue suitcases- Land of Nod.


  1. I. Love. This. Room.
    It feels so peaceful. You did a fantastic job decorating it! I love so many things about the room, but I especially love those book shelves displayed on the wall. It makes it so easy for little hands to grab a book and because they can see the front picture of the cover, they know exactly what book they're picking. Love it.

  2. Oh wow.. I miss this stage.. well Imiss all of those stages.. my youngest is 10 my oldest 21.. been a long time since we had a room that sweet.. enjoy it!


  3. Im so happy you are doing a house tour! So fun. His room is adorable.

  4. What an adorable room! I love the book racks!

  5. Ooh how gorgeous! Where did you get that cute jungle print? It would be perfect for my sis-in-law's nursery.

  6. Thank you for sharing my print!

    This children's room is much more decorated then both of my children's. They so easily break, destroy, and disarray (bless them) that it can be hard to motivate myself to make the space... nice. ;o)

  7. Beautiful -so clean and uncluttered! (Just wait 'til he's 9! LOL!) It's all good, though. ;)
    Really a nice job, enjoy these precious years.

  8. I'm so happy to see your style spilling out into other rooms of your house.

  9. Thank you for all of your kind comments, you're all so sweet!

    Mel, the alphabet print is from Petit Collage. I will update the post to include it's link, I should have thought of that. :)

  10. charlie slept in a crib on our trip. gasp! time to expand the bassinet. this post makes me excited to plan his little space. love, lin

  11. Oh, how I love the color scheme! So fresh :)

  12. what a darling little nursery!

    i love it!

  13. A cozy brick house tour?! I cannot wait! You make everything lovely & inspiring!

  14. Your house looks way cute. Hope that we could find something non-track-home in the Tri Cities.

  15. I am so very inspired by this room. I really need to get to work on my little girl's room.

  16. I love this room! And it gives me amazing ideas for my own little Oliver :) I'm buying that growth chart!!

  17. i LOVE how the shelves are under the window.. totally just changed my room plan!

  18. You have a knack for decorating that room perfectly and allowing enough space for your stuff. If you need any cleaning help though, specially wit your fireplace, I can repair a good chimney repairs company that could be of use.


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