This weekend was a busy one.

There were car rides to and from soccer games. 
On one such ride I caught Audrey + Oliver holding hands.

Owen is on a drawing kick. There are beauties like this strewn all over the cozy brick house.

I created centerpieces for a Relief Society dinner. Wheat grass, pennant flags + big round balloons made a church basketball court feel happy.

 Oliver spent the morning running around in Audrey's leotard. He loved it. She did not.

Easton has been fighting a cold for two weeks. This morning between sniffles he requested whole wheat pancakes for breakfast. I happily obliged.

Other highlights: PROJECT: craft preparations are in full swing, Ryan found a missing pair of shoes in the church lost and found (???), and the grass is greening up.

Yay for Spring!


  1. Love that picture of Owen & Audrey. So sweet.

  2. Sheesh, I mean Oliver...:)

  3. sounds like a lovely/busy weekend! I love that drawing! the glasses are so cute! I did wheat grass for center pieces a few years back, my kids loved to watch it grow.
    A friend of my recently told me about your blog. and I love it.

  4. where do you get big round balloons like that? I am thinking about getting one for my son's first birthday. Thanks. Kelly

  5. Such a cute pic of the kids! Love the centerpiece decorations - you never cease to amaze. You should be called as the official stake activities decorator.

    Ryan had SHOES in the lost and found? Wondering how that happened :)

    I just watched the Mindy Gledhill clip - so fun to be in that! You looked adorable!

  6. That holding hands picture is too sweet!

  7. It's amazing how pretty a church gym can become! Your decorations look great and the food looks delicious!

    Oh, that picture of Oliver and Audrey is so adorable! She is starting to look so grown up to me. Why can't there be a pause button on our children?

    Love the picture of Oliver in Audrey's leotard. Reminds me of another such picture from a few years back with Owen and Abby both dressed up in leotards and having a ball! I love your sweet kids!!

    And Ryan's shoes? That is bizzare!

  8. Very very sweet..

    love your blog!

  9. PS- your giveaway shows we have until tonight at midnight to enter but new comments are allowed?

  10. love this blog, your children are adorable! following now :)

  11. I love that holding hands picture. Adorable. And I've been the RS 2nd counselor for almost 3 years- love your centerpieces. I may have to do something similar for our next big thing. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Where do you buy your wheat grass? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Love your blog, you are fabulous!


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