Soccer season kicked off Saturday. 

Audrey and I wore matching Chuck's to celebrate.

Easton's freckles came out of hibernation thanks to the shining sun.

Ryan coached two games.

Oliver kept himself busy using orange cones as robot arms.

Other highlights: Abby scored the game winning goal and had a couple awesome assists, Owen said "I'm thirsty" a million and one times, we managed to play three games without getting rained on and after it was all over?

I came home and took a nice long nap. I love Saturdays.


  1. I love Easton's freckles! My kids and I were having a conversation about freckles a few days ago and one of them (i don't remember who now) said how much they wish they had them. I second that wish!

    Yay for not getting rained on and a fun Saturday! (and especially for long naps!!)

  2. I love naps, but I didn't take any this past weekend. And with losing an hour of sleep Saturday night, I really could have benefited from a good nap!

  3. love the shoes! love the robot arms! loooooove the freckles! really love the naps!

    happy soccer season sweetie!

    p.s. hooray for Abby!

  4. And may I say that I just about died when I saw Audrey in her skinny jeans? The cutest thing ever!

  5. You have 5 kids and you can nap??? Wow. You are a lucky lady. :)


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