This Week Is...

-Sentimental. My babe is turning two and I feel out of sorts about the whole thing.

-Busy. PROJECT: craft is a mere three days away. There are still a lot of checks to make on my to do list but things are coming together + I'm excited to share the details with you.

-Exciting. A few weeks ago Ryan and I decided to take the children to Utah for spring break. The only problem? We're not sure what we're going to do when we arrive. We have one or two things on our itinerary but we're mostly wide open. Would love some suggestions from you, Utahan friends.

Photo of me and Oliver courtesy of You Look Nice Today Photography.


  1. Bring your brood to Thanksgiving Point. There's something for everyone- a dinosaur museum, farm country, and also my favorite- the gardens. Rent golf carts to tour the gardens, or stroll through them leisurely. Have a fun time. I'd love to bump into you while you're in town- maybe at Thanksgiving Point!

  2. I can't believe little Oliver is turing 2. It just goes too fast.

    Every time we go to Utah, my kids want to tour BYU campus. They absolutely love it! The last time we were there, we hit up the art museum on campus and spent a good chunk of time playing around in the BYU Bookstore. They also love going to Thanksgiving Point, although it's been a few years since we've been.

    I've always heard great things about the Planetarium in SLC. Next time we're there, we want to hit it up.

  3. Some of our fav vacations have been flying by the seat of our pants. We've even been known to pack up the car and head to San Clemente with no place to stay. So far we've always found a house available to rent on VRBO while we are driving.

    Have so much fun. With a 13 year old, we'd be going to BYU to check out the campus if we were heading to Utah.

  4. Have you seen the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU? I loved it. And yes, kids can go with you.

  5. thanksgiving point. children's museum/clarke planetarium. 'this is the place' monument. the zoo is very cool. the bean museum at BYU and the creamery at BYU for spicey fries, fry sauce and ice cream. there are some very cool in door pools with kiddy play places and tubes in them - not sure which is closest to where you will be staying but dimple dell community pool is a little on the cool side but very fun. you can go to the largest open pit mine in the world - kenecot (sp). ski for free at alta from 3-4:30 and rent stuff at ski 'n' see dot com for only $12 (i could watch the babes). there is also lagoon, but i'm not sure when the ride portion is open and i'm 100% sure the water park of it won't be open.
    MOAB - best time of the year to go. do arches national park. take a unimog off roading trip. they strap the babies in their carseats in the thing and you go amazing places.
    park city - you can go on an olympic venue tour; see the ski jump and stuff but i'm not sure if the fun summer stuff is opened yet like the mountain long slide, zip line and dry louge and skeleton. park city also has lots of cute shops and yummy food. and it's only 20 minutes from our house if you want to stop by and eat for free. :) no pressure.
    i'll think of more....

  6. First time commenting! I adore your blog!
    The Discovery Gateway Children's museum, and Clarke Planetarium...both at the Gateway Mall downtown.
    Spend a day in beautiful Park City! Only 30 min drive from SL. The kids would LOVE riding the Alpine Slide (if it's open) and seeing the candy shop. Yummy places to eat too.
    Thanksgiving Point is great too. Fun dinasour museaum and an awesome petting zoo.

  7. Oh, I forgot to mention...Gardner Village! My VERY favorite place. The most quaint little outdoor village with gorgeous craft shops. My favorite ever fabric and stitchery shop (Pine Needles). You should eat at Archibalds (get the fried green tomatoes for a starter). My three year old loves to feed the ducks, visit the old fashioned candy shop, and ride the ponies.

  8. I'll give my "hear hear" to the comments already made: Clark Planetarium in SLC, Temple Square, Thanksgiving Point is a MUST because it's the tulip festival right now, (Call me about a discount) The Bean Museum on BYU campus, the BYU bookstore, the Carl Bloch art exhibit ( + free), Provo Beach Resort and an awesome toy store at the Riverwoods. Plus you should probably stop by and see us. :)

  9. I'm sure you're up to your eyeballs in PROJECT: Craft planning, but I can't believe it's so soon! I can't wait to see pictures and hear about all of the lovely details.

  10. Please tell me you'll go to Cafe Rio. Because that is the first thing I'd do if I was going back to Utah. I love that place, and miss it so very much.

  11. You should take them on the Sweet's Candy factory tour and the Mrs. Fields factory tour. They are free and kids love them!

  12. ditto on the bean museum. it's the strangest, creepiest museum ever, but i've never seen kids so excited as i have in that building. maren can't even decide what to look at because she loves it so much. she spends the whole time running around shouting animal names. plus, it's free! and close to the creamery outlet and the normal creamery, so you can get a treat afterwards.

    my other suggestion is selfish....lunch with me and susan!

  13. My four boys (between 11 and 1) love Red Butte Gardens. Pretty enough to make me ooh and ahh, but enough open space to make the boys feel like they can run/hike free. I like it better than Thanksgiving Point (maybe because it's less busy or not so perfect-contrived), but it sounds like I'm the only one.....

  14. these comments are making me miss utah. wishing we had a little bit of all that a little closer to home.
    two years of oliver. can't believe. i remember my first little peek at him. so tiny! happy birthday to your baby boy.
    love, lin

  15. Ollie... turning two? No way.

    Project:Craft. Can. Not. Wait.

    Utah. I'm still trying to figure out if we will be heading down too.

  16. BYU!? Provo?! Go somewhere cool like Park City or Midway; the Homestead is amazing. Provo is not a vacation stop.

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  18. Those things are all fun. When we have a family day we like to go up to Sundance and take a walk around, maybe get some sodas and a lolly.

    We also like to hit up the hobby shop for balsawood airplanes and take them to Fort Douglas in Salt Lake. There is a big open field right in the middle and we take a picnic and fly planes or kites. Also, Red Butte Gardens or This is the Place Park. If you want to go to Discovery Gateway first go to Trolley Square. There is a setup of rack cards for different businesses and they have a Discovery Gateway one there with a $2 off coupon. Get one for everybody!

  19. Thought of some more...

    Ogden's Union train station has a model railroad that our boys love to see. Also in Ogden is the Treehouse Children's Museum and a Dinosaur museum. Make sure to go to Cutler's Cookies in Centerville for a BIG SUGAR COOKIE. Yum!

  20. My little lady is turning three and I am trying to figure out where the time has gone. Happy birthday to your little man.

  21. what a super fun spring break destination! a few of my utah faves are listed here.
    heritage park - a must for kids! (right across from the zoo)
    cucina deli - my favorite cute little deli in the avenues. seriously.
    • alpine slides in park city - a little spendy, but so much fun.
    davanza's pizza right off main street in park city - yummy lunch spot.
    • go sledding up the canyon! - i hear it snowed in heber today.
    • the SLC downtown library is always a fun place to browse too.
    trio or bambara - fancy dinner date options for you and your sweetie.
    hip & humble and children's hour on 9th and 9th. (two shops that you will die over. i promise. so worth your time to check them out.)

    have a wonderful trip. xo.

  22. You should hike the trail that Sister Dalton did a few years ago, with her Return to Virtue Talk. I can't remember what it's called, but I took my kids a few years ago, and we all did great! Happy Birthday to your little boy! Tell Ryan thanks for fixing my car this week! :)


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