Hello, Elisa Shere Jewelry.

You shouldn't be surprised by my love for Elisa Shere Jewelry. I've blogged about Elisa's pretty pieces here + here in the past and if you see me on a regular basis in real life, I'm sure you've noticed my favorite necklace. I wear it most days. Elisa creates all of her jewelry pieces from scratch using non mined sterling silver and has managed to continuously produce pieces that make my heart flutter. Like the above ceramic pendant necklace. It's the perfect spring time accessory.

I'm really excited to welcome Elisa Shere Jewelry as a sponsor. Ordering from Elisa's shop is a pleasure. The craftsmanship and love she puts into every piece is apparent the second you open her sweetly packaged pieces. If you're dying to get your hands on a treat for yourself, Elisa is offering a 10% discount to Dandee readers. Just enter DANDEE at checkout.

If you have a shop that you think would be a good fit for Dandee and are interested in sponsorship, I'd love to hear from you! Email me at dandeedesigns@gmail.com for more information.


  1. Her jewelry is drool worthy. So gorgeous!

  2. The necklace you describe as your favorite is so simple and understated. I'm curious what you love about it that makes it your favorite.

  3. R8chel, I think you nailed why I love it so much on the head. It's a simple piece that I can wear with anything. And I do! I wear it almost everyday.

  4. Danyelle, just discovered your blog today. Have spent the past couple of hours just lurking, reading, feeling inspired...think I might treat myself to a homemade manicure tomorrow!

    Love your creativity...you're darling!

  5. That ceramic piece is so beautiful.
    I don't own a piece of her jewelry yet, so I think that will be my next purchase!

  6. hey sweets. this post alone stands as proof of your impeccable taste in style!

    just wanted to send you many thanks for being my sounding-board last week. seriously, you have no idea what an immense help you provided just in helping me to think clearly. :) thank you.

    btw, mentioned you in the run-down post from the evening. also sent some style-love your way in last night's post as well. hope on over whenever you find some time.
    thanks again! ::hugs::


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