Baby Gift Packaging.

I am in that happy stage of life when dear friends are welcoming new babes to their families faster then I  can blink. To simplify my gift giving I have come up with a signature baby gift + packaging.

My gift of choice are these darling wood teethers from Little Sapling Toys. They have the widest selection of shapes, the teethers are modern + organic and everything they create is handmade in the USA. Even better, Little Sapling Toys has a flat rate $5.95 shipping fee which allows me to load up my cart and not pay a crazy amount to get them.

For my most recent order, I bought the little camera teether (for a photographer friend), a Washington state teether (for a friend who grew up right here in Washington), and this cute little bird teether (for a friend who just had her second daughter). I love that although the gifts I'm giving are similar, they feel personal because of the shape options Little Sapling offers.

To wrap the teethers, I gathered some simple supplies.

I've had these sweet alphabet flashcards in my stash for over a year. I love everything about them and thought it would be fun to attach a card to each package with the letter of the new babe's name.

Little Sapling ships their teethers in muslin bags, which I love. To package them up, I simply place them in a kraft bag,

sew a vintage button to the flashcard,

and staple the flashcard to the bag.

Easy, peasy.

If I remember correctly, the flashcards were purchased at Michael's. If you can't find these exact ones, any kind of flashcard would work just as well.

The vintage buttons were purchased at a local antique shop.

The kraft bags are available in my etsy shop.

Something fun: Little Sapling Toys is offering a discount for Dandee readers. Enter DANDEE10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchases now through March 22. It's the perfect time to stock up!

Just so you know, Little Sapling Toys did not pay me to write this post. They did not discount my order in any way. I genuinely love their products and wanted to share a great company with all of you. Happy March!


  1. I love it when someone shares a great company! These teethers are so cute. I especially love the camera. I love the flashcards too!

  2. I love that you describe it as your "signature" gift. I would probably say, "Oh, I'm boring -- I always give everybody the same thing," but you make it sound so lovely, personalized, and intentional!

  3. I've also stocked up on Sapling Teethers for gifts. They are cute and sweet and wonderful to pair with something else or give on their own.

    You wrap them beautifully!

  4. What sweet packaging and gifts! Thanks for sharing, Danyelle!
    And I love your nail polish! What color is it?

  5. I have a bunch of baby showers coming up and I've been trying to come up with a "signature gift" as well. Really love yours!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your idea. I what a sweet touch adding the flash cards makes.

  7. Cute flashcards. I love the vintage feel of them. You could even re-create them in Photoshop.

  8. Adorable. Makes me want to go have myself another baby {almost}.


  9. your creativity kills me. just love this idea. thank you.

  10. can't wait for a certain C.G.S. to get a hold on his grabbing skills. he's got a wooden fox waiting in the wings, thanks to your signature baby gifts.
    love, lin

  11. what a simple and still very thoughtful idea. great work!

  12. Sweet, simple, and sophisticated. So very "Baby 2011"!

  13. I love this! Would be the perfect thing for me to give my sister Rachel...who we found out is pregnant with twins!!! Oh my gosh I'm so totally excited.

    I also saw your mom the other day at Fred Meyer and talked to her for a while. I miss her!! She's pretty darn funny also. Of course I looked horrible and was in my frumpy lounge clothes so she probably thought to herself as she walked away..."wow, that Raven sure hasn't aged well" ha!

  14. I'm so lucky to be the recipient of such cuteness! Thanks, Danyelle! We loved it!

  15. i haven't read a blog in awhile; just taking a breather, but when i see a post like this i remember that all is right in the internet world because everything in dandee land is so pretty.

    *dandee land - a sincerely sweet place...almost like candy, but so much better for you!

  16. We have two of these teethers and my little guy loves them! Great packaging! Kelly

  17. So cute! And let's just be honest; if these were just a teensy bit less "Ohmygosh I can't stand how ADORABLE that is"-ish, your manicure would totally steal the show in these photos.

  18. What a wonderful outside of the box wrapping idea. Another magical etsy store *sigh* love their stuff

  19. Love this store and love love love LOVE their products!

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