30 Favorite Things.

To celebrate my 30th birthday in December I promised a happy mail package with 30 of my favorite things to one lucky commenter. I was pretty vague about what the contents would be but you dears commented anyway and I was so excited to read your sweet birthday notes. Caroline was the lucky winner + I finally sent off her package last week. A few of you mentioned you were curious about what would be included so I snapped a few shots of everything before I slipped it in a box and sent it on it's way. 

 Thirty favorite things: (in no particular order)
1. Martha Stewart magazine
2. Paper Source labels
3. Japanese masking tape
4. baker's twine
5. kraft bags
6. Essie nail polish in "Chinchilly"
7. sticky notes
8. Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer in Peony
9. Aveda Hand Relief
10. a Passionista mix
11. tall birthday candles (these are from Target)
12. my favorite necklace from Elisa Shere Jewelry
13. a letterpress card by the lovely Suann of Simplesong Design
14. striped straws
15. Lindor white chocolate truffles
16. muslin bags
17. wool felt in happy colors
18. old book pages turned into something pretty
19. manila tags
20. glassine bags
21. pillow boxes
22. business card size kraft envelopes
23. Moleskine cashier notebooks
24. tiny composition notebooks
25. tiny latte bowls from Anthropologie
26. anything from the Martha Stewart Crafts line
27. miniature clothespins
28. "Have I Done Any Good"print from Persimmon & Pink (this print is hanging in the cozy brick house)
29. Extra Peppermint gum
30. Altoids smalls

Since shipping the package to Caroline, I've thought of other things I could have easily included. A pair of striped socks, a big round balloon, my favorite mascara.

I'm curious, friends. What would you have packed up?


  1. oooh i love this package. it also seems to have a color theme going on, which is nice on the eyes. in no particular order i would have...
    1. the temper trap cd, "conditions"
    2. "a thousand splendid suns", my favorite novel by khaled hosseini
    3. essence nail polish, "choose me!"
    4. a vintage map
    5. cherry chapstick
    6. funky earrings
    7. colorful cupcake liners
    8. tights from h&m
    9. mozzarella cheese...hey this is a dream package, right? :)
    10. a something to represent my affection for mermaids and hot air balloons.
    ...i guess i would have to find 12 more things for a 22nd bday give away :)

  2. Man... writing my list made me realize my tastes are WAY to expensive to ever do anything like this!

  3. Danyelle -

    Could your style be any more perfect?

    I love each and everything here. You always seem to pick things so thoughtfully.

    Can't wait to see your recap of Project: Craft!

  4. the first thing that comes to mind is haribo gummy bears... my fave. oh, and carmex. hmmm, i like the idea of having an ongoing list of things i love. i am going to have to think about this some more.

  5. This is awesome! I don't think I could have packaged:
    sleep, sleep, and more sleep.

  6. i love this! what a fun package to recieve! now i reeally wish i would've won. :)

  7. She's a lucky girl. Great picks!

  8. what a fun idea! now you have me thinking as I have a birthday coming up...

  9. This is one sweet package that screams Danyelle! I love it!!

    Let's see, for my own package:

    :: burt's bee's lip gloss in pucker berry

    :: my favorite pen

    :: a downeast gift card

    :: opi's "i'm india mood for love" nail polish

    :: wheatable's toasted honey wheat crackers (i love them so!)

    :: to kill a mockingbird (my all time favorite book)

    :: my favorite dessert recipes (and maybe a little sampling too)

  10. I have to say a quick thanks again! Everything was so lovely. That package made my week! I might have to compile a list of my favorites as well... Though a lot of ours are the same!

  11. What a fun package!
    Some things I would package:
    Ferrero Rocher chocolates
    Fun post-its
    dot confetti
    muslin bags
    something small from Crate&Barrel
    and many more!

  12. You have such wonderful taste! i would have picked many of the same things!

  13. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The only thing I don't like about it is that I wasn't the winner. :) It would be fun to sit down sometime and figure out what I would put in MY package of 30 things... realizing, of course, that not all of my favorite things can be packaged and shipped. :)

  14. Danyelle - lovely choices! You obviously have impeccable taste and all your readers know that. Have you ever thought of hosting a favorite things swap? I would love to be part of something like that...

  15. I adore your blog!!! I can see we're both lovers of washi tape, wood veneer, and all things letterpressed! I will definitely be back for a visit! CONGRATS on the recognition!

  16. my box of favorite things would include some great coffee and wine!

  17. Oh goodness, what a fun giveaway! I think anyone would be so lucky to receive your 30 things! Now I have to think of what I'd choose ... You're awesome Danyelle! xo.

  18. This is the cutest idea! I absolutely love so many things about this lovely package. I would be so delighted to receive it. Maybe I'll do a similar post for my blog's one year anniversary!

  19. You are 100% of the reason that I bought Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Peony this afternoon. I was afraid it would be too pink, but I really like it. :)

  20. What a fun idea. I love your package. I should put something like together!

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