This very moment. . .

I'm still thinking about the gorgeous light that was streaming through my bathroom window this morning. 
It was so pretty, I snapped a picture to share with you.

There is laughing and screaming coming from the basement. I'm ignoring it. I haven't heard any crying yet, so that's a good sign. (I think.)

The fireplace is roaring and warming the cozy brick house. The weather's been cold these past few days and it's making me all the more anxious for Spring.

4 of the 5 children have runny noses and scratchy throats. Any bets on how much sleep I'll get tonight?

I searched for rugs today online. 
Two questions. 
Question one: Why are rugs so expensive?
 Question two: Where is your favorite place to shop for rugs?
I'd really love some help.

Happy Weekend, friends. 
I hope you're managing to stay warm + healthy.
Two feats this time of year, for sure.


  1. i bought a great 8x10 rug on you can't beat the $2.95 shipping for a heavy item like that.

  2. I would kill for light like that!! My house is so dark and windowless {but our 3 level deck overlooks the lake and that almost makes up for it!}.

    Do you have a Homegoods in your area? They usually have decent rugs. They don't sell online though :(

  3. i wonder why rugs are so expensive too.. i was looking for a nice one for our lounge room but settled for a smallish kinda boring one coz that's all i could find :(


  4. I am ALSO searching for rugs and asking those same questions. And your bathroom kinda makes me sick. I can't take that darling tile on the floor. Or counter space. I have to look away...


  5. I love your bathroom floor... *sigh*
    I have no input otherwise. I live in Israel, everything is triple more expensive here, and uglier. That's why when it's time for carpets I will try out this one before breaking the piggy bank.

  6. I'm searching for rugs right now too. Although I'd be happy to splurge for a gorgeous rug that I'd just be looking at and walking on with bare feet, the reality is it's going to get trampled. West Elm has some pretty ones and there are always a few on sale. Dash and Albert rugs are gorgeous, pretty sturdy, and not too terribly priced.

  7. Your bathroom looks so nice. I'd love for a "real" bathroom! Mine is tiny and windowless. Anyway...

    Rugs. I have looked at overstock and they have a decent selection at reasonable prices but I haven't purchased from them so I can't vouch for the quality. The only rug I have ever purchased I got at a pottery barn outlet. It was a great deal but that was almost five years ago and my rug will need to be replaced before long. I dread having to spend the money on a new one. Good luck! Let us know when you find a new one!

    p.s.- I use that same make-up. LOVE IT!

  8. I bought my wool rugs at Sam's Club and Costco. My daughter got a cool one at at a great price just this month. My son got a great one at Ikea that is huge and fills his family room.

  9. Lowes and Home Depot or for something a bit nicer Ballard Designs.

  10. I have been searching for rugs too and it is quite frustrating... they are so expensive, especially the ones I like.
    I have been looking at csn stores and there are a alot that are not overwhelmingly expensive. Might be worth a look. I have one from Hoome Depot right now that was pretty reasonable, but it has worn quite quickly so I wouldn't recommend them.

  11. I found my most favorite teal rug at Cost Plus World Market.

    For my family room....Target. A cream/neutral shag. For $79 I consider them disposable! :) Meaning if it lasts me two years with kids and spills and traffic, I'm happy!

  12. oh i totally agree about the rugs. it really is so darn expensive!

  13. i love target rugs. love them.

  14. I was just looking for a larger rug for my living room and I ended up finding a 6x9 indoor/outdoor rug by Martha Stewart on Home Depot online. I used a 20% coupon code and got the rug for $156. It came 2 days after I ordered it and I LOVE it! Here's the link to the one I got:

  15. I gulp every time I look for rugs. I have purchased from Ikea in the past. They have pretty good prices and for what we needed (a busy rug under our dining room table to serve as a giant splat mat to protect the real rug from every meal's offerings) it was perfect. Good luck!

  16. I made a rug with a carpet remnant:

  17. I just purchased one from Cheapest prices I could find. So far I really love it!

  18. My favorite part of that picture (well, besides the great light and awesome bathroom) is the little creamer pitcher. So lovely. :)

  19. Hey Danyelle I love your blog. Glad I found it! You are so inspiring! I had to laugh at your makeup drawer, I thought I was looking into my own, we use exactly the same stuff! Love BareMinerals! I love the rugs at Ballard Designs and they are on sale right now! Sometimes you can buy an outdoor rug for inside a little cheaper in the off season!

  20. Your blog is so very sweet! My favorite go to place for rugs is Home Decorator's Collection. I got a dream shag there, just love it! As for the crazy cost of rugs, I wanna know why, too!!


  21. I get our rugs from Lowes. I hate the price of them... I've also had good luck with


  22. love how bright your bathroom is, I love the double thick bath rugs, they are so think and fluffy. I buy white so I can bleach them and I have many of them. I buy them at marshalls or tj maxx even the runner size is under $10 which I LOVE.

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