This very moment. . .

My desk is covered in Valentines. Some from Rifle Paper Co. and some from my own brain. The "hearts stitched together" card was made from scraps I had in my stash, Marta's Hanging Hearts Template, pretty textured paper + a little heat n' bond. I used Abby's Hello Kitty sewing machine to do the stitching because my poor machine is sick. In all honesty, hers works better than mine anyway. It's cuter too.

I plan on writing out notes to those I love all weekend.

Ryan is hobbling around the cozy brick house like an 80 year old man. He tweaked his back at the gym and has literally rolled himself out of bed the past two mornings. 

Easton was commissioned by the girls in his class to create a photo booth backdrop for their class party on Monday. He's already drawn it out and just has the painting left. I'll be sure to post some pictures of the completed project. It's really sweet.

I have brownies baking in the oven. They will be cut into large hearts and taken to a party in just a few short hours. They smell like heaven.

Happy Weekend, dears.
I hope someone gives you a heart shaped brownie (or sugar cookie) to snack on.
You've earned it.


  1. This was how my desk was yesterday. I thought it looked so pretty; pink and hearts and girly love stuff everywhere. Enjoy!

    Where do you find your lovely textured paper? Seems so perfect for... everything!

  2. I'll take a brownie in any shape I can get it ;)

    Have a great weekend, Danyelle!

  3. Going to make my own heart shaped brownies right this very minute. Mmmmm...can't wait until my house smells like chocolately goodness. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I got the same rifle paper co valentines this year (thanks to your tip off; got them from design story) and can't wait to give them away! I created some valentines myself too this year but they're not quite as cute as yours! Enjoy your weekend, Danyelle!

  5. i's bookmarking that "hearts stitched together" idea for nest year! sweet!

  6. Your fabric cards are too cute! And of course the Rifle ones are gorgeous. p.s. now I want brownies...

  7. You make me want to whip up Valentines right away!

  8. Brownies, oh I can smell them here too. Oh way is just this big, cold area of water between us?

  9. I've been loving all of your valentines this week! Fun fun.

  10. Beautiful heart cards, love them and your blog (found it via modern parents messy kids)

  11. 1. your hearts stitched is so pretty. so so pretty. i love abby's machine & if i wasn't so against having one in my house...i'd probably have that one!

    2. so sorry for ryan! i hope he feels better very soon.

    3. that's so great that easton is the go to guy for special projects. he certainly seems up to the challenge!

    4. i hope your brownies were extra delicious!

    5. happy valentine's day tomorrow!

  12. You've had fantastic valentine ideas! Will bookmark for the future. Happy Valentines to you and yours!

  13. These are beautiful valentine's! I just love them!
    I hope you and your family had a lovely Valentine's Day.


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