PROJECT: craft - Spring Edition.

Lovely Lindsay and I have been scheming these past few weeks. There have been "official" PROJECT: craft meetings in Starbucks with free WiFi, baby Charlie, blueberry scones and caramel apple spice. We've exchanged late night texts, sharing ideas and brewing up awesomeness for PROJECT: craft-Spring Edition. If you missed it last time, here are a few posts to get you caught up:

-We made tickets and sent them to each attendee.
-There were cute craft kits.
-Everyone wore name tags.
-And the Big Night went off without a hitch!

Greenies (the sweetest organics + bike shop around) is opening their doors once again for us and we couldn't be more thrilled. Buy your tickets quick, dears. Space is limited and we wouldn't want you to miss out!

Tickets for the March 26th PROJECT: craft go on sale today and are available here.


  1. I just bought my ticket!

    Can't wait!

  2. Im so jealous! Id love to attend something like this:)

  3. Hi Danyelle - I met you in SLC ( I am Steph's friend from the airport). I decided to check out your blog - so many cute ideas!A really lovely blog!! I wish I could attend your Project Craft Spring Edition! I did have a question - where do you get your textured white paper? I have been looking around online since so many scrapbooking stores are closing!!

  4. I really wish you lived in Utah! It sounds like its going to be so much fun.

  5. Just found your blog! LOVE! I tried to email you, but didn't have much luck finding an email address on your blog. I have a few questions regarding your AWESOME Project:Craft. Will you please email me or post your email.

  6. I think I found your blog right after your PROJECT: craft event in the fall, and I loved reading all about it. If I lived in your area, I would have bought a ticket for the spring event for sure! Can't wait to read about it as it develops!

  7. I want SOSOSOSOSOS badly to come to project craft. Twill be amazing. xo

  8. Got my ticket! Can't wait ;)

  9. Danyelle! I've been meaning to thank you for the wonderful Project Kraft mail you all sent out to last year's participants. It was truly a sweet surprise in my mail box. :) Thanks so much!

  10. oh i'm so broken hearted at the date. i will be in idaho for a wedding. (i'm happy about the wedding, just sad i'll miss out on this great event again. ::tear::)


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