Passionista Presents: The Lower Lights.

Did you hear? Marilyn is bringing the The Lower Lights to the Northwest + I can hardly wait to see them perform. Their lovely album is on constant  rotation at the cozy brick house. It's spiritual + soothing + organic. It has made an impression on my soul and there's no denying the love that went in to every track. If you aren't familiar with The Lower Lights, please listen to a few tracks from their album here. You will love it, I promise.

If you're local (Tri-Cities WA) purchase tickets to see The Lower Lights perform live right here. If you're not local, maybe it's time for a road trip?

Incredible concert poster artwork by Jed Wells.


  1. So excited about this. I even got some old college friends from the westside to come over and go with us. It will be a great evening!

    And that Marilyn? She's amazing.

  2. Dandee,
    How do you find out about the artists that you tell us about? I listened to The Lower Lights and like them very much. I would be interested to know how you find out about the independent artists.
    Kim Olea
    (PS: I am a member of the church, too!)

  3. I have been listening to them and LOVE the tis so sweet song. Great music + thanks for the info!

  4. thanks for sharing... I love it! Us here in the east usually find out about this FAB. stuff LAST!.... thanks

  5. Hello Kim,

    I'm sure that every artist I have ever posted about (including The Lower Lights) has come from the recommendation of Passionista. She is a music finding genius and a dear friend.


  6. Thank you SO MUCH for your recommendation. I already bought the CD and have been listening to it all day.

    I love new music discoveries!


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