Passionista Presents: Sarah Sample.

The Passionista's at it again! This time, the lovely Sarah Sample will be performing in Marilyn's cozy home. Have you heard Sarah's new album? I have been listening to it non stop since New Year's Eve. SO many of her songs resonate with me. Right now, "I'm Ready" is sorta my theme song. (You'll understand why in a few days...)

Grab your tickets fast, friends. Space is limited. Oh, and my uber-talented guitar teacher Charith Bagley is the opening act. It's sure to be a fun night.

Purchase your tickets here.


  1. I'm listening to her music online now, and just downloaded her free song.

    I've heard of house concerts, but never where I live. Our house would actually be perfect for hosting one... Hmm.

  2. I was seriously considering a girls trip to the tri-state area for this. Her voice is so amazing. January is just too busy though already. Bummer. Can't wait to hear all the details about the concert.

    P.S. I use her music all the time in my Gospel Doctrine class! I'm creating fans!!

  3. Thanks for your support.
    I appreciate it so much!

    Can't wait for the show, it's going to be wonderful!

  4. Oh! I love your new look! Great way to start the new year :)


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