Design Story + Rifle Paper Co.

Rachel just posted about Design Story and because I love a good deal, I had to share the news with you! Design Story is a site that offers really great designer products for less. They feature a couple of new specials every week. This weeks deal? Pretty Rifle Paper Co. products for a song. I just ordered up some valentines and had to show an incredible amount of restraint not to snag up every last one. I've mentioned my paper addiction before, right?

Sign up for Design Story right here and get yourself a $10 credit. I will get a $10 credit as well, which I think is a really nice way for Design Story to say thanks for spreading the word.


  1. You know I signed up! :) Thanks for the tip-this is fantastic.

  2. Got some valentines and some of the cute easter ones!

  3. I signed up, but it looks like you'll only get a $10 credit for that after I purchase something.

    Doesn't $8 shipping for a pack of cards seem a bit excessive? Maybe if I loved the products enough, it wouldn't. :) I'll hold onto my $10 credit and wait to see what else shows up there.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. just signed up. unfortunately all my fave rifle paper co products were already sold out. boo :(

  5. I am so lovin' these cards! I need to get some. I'm dying to hear about ALT!! I really want to go to that next year!

  6. These are so cute! Makes me want to make my sweetheart a hand-made card this year.

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