Altitude Design Summit 2011.

How do I sum up my experience at ALT?  It's really difficult to put into words! It has taken me a few days to process everything...the entire conference was completely surreal. I gleaned so much information and feel so inspired.

My biggest regret? I didn't take enough pictures! I was so caught up in everything that was going on, I neglected my camera. All of the images here are from the ALT Design Summit photostream.

Here are a few of my favorite ALT moments:

*Wednesday night's dinner with the crew from Just Shorn. I'm very impressed with this company as a whole and was so thankful for the delicious meal they organized with Chef Bernhard Gotz from Little America. 

*Calligraphy with Melissa Esplin of I Still Love You. Melissa had sweet kits prepared for each student and gave tips and tricks to creating calligraphy in our own unique style.

*Listening to great panels. I enjoyed "Taking the Leap into Full-Time Creative Work" most of all. The women on the panel, Chelsea Fuss of Frolic!, Christine Castro Hughes of Darling Design, Christine Koh of Boston Mama's, and Lisa Warninger of Urban Weeds, offered great advice. Some main points:

-saying "no" to work that doesn't inspire you is not a bad thing
-value your work and others will too
-map out your plan for your transition into creative work
-trade your work to build your portfolio

*Susan's Design Camp went so well! Everyone who attended had a great time and it was really fun to see the creative juices flowing. Here's a shot of Caroline checking out Melanie's handiwork.

*Round table discussion with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and Meg Mateo Ilasco of Mateo Ilasco. Joy and Meg were wonderful! Each person at our table asked a specific question and Meg and Joy did their best to answer them all. Some main points:

-be specific with time management by segmenting your day
-stay organized with invoices + emails
-approach companies you would like to work with
-provide your portfolio
-to get clients, be brave-send emails!

*Tabletop Photography with Nicole Hill Gerulat of A Little Sussy. It's been about a year since I took Nicole's Photo 101 Crash Course and I was anxious to learn more. Nicole's clients from One Charming Party set up some cute tablescapes for us to shoot during our class. Some main points:

-food shots look best with back lighting
-choose props carefully as to not detract from the product

*The networking! As much as I enjoyed the panels and classes, meeting all the talented + inspiring people was definitely my favorite part. I finally had the chance to meet up with long time friend Stephanie of Stephmodo, which really was worth the trip in itself. I also had the pleasure of meeting many of my long time daily reads, Ez of Creature Comforts, Danni of Oh, Hello Friend, Rachel of Black Eiffel, Suann of Simplesong, Marta of Marta Writes, Caroline of Armelle and lots of new friends I've added to my reader.

And did I mention I had super fun roommates too? Allison of Petit Elefant, Marie of Make and Takes and of course Susan of Freshly Picked who made this experience possible for me. Thanks, dear.

All images from the Altitude Design Summit 2011 photostream.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go and it looks like it was a great time!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I know you were giving careful thought to what you would wear. How did you feel about the clothes you decided on? And how did the seminar/workshop that you helped out with go??

    Also, thanks for all the link candy! I'm looking forward to exploring some of the sites you linked to.

  3. This trip sounds like a dream! What a neat opportunity to go and mingle and learn so much! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It was SO fun meeting you & chatting with you Danyelle. You are just so sweet. If you ever make it out to Orange County, we definitely need to get together. xo, danni

  5. It was so great to get to meet you! Wasn't alt the best!

  6. I am so glad that you were able to go. I'm excited for you and what your future holds. You are so talented, have such amazing ideas, and are a genuinely nice person, and so I KNOW the world is your canvas.

    Great things await!!

  7. you were born to go to alt.

    oh, and those tweed pants...perfect.

  8. How fun, and I love the boots!

  9. r8chel,

    You're right. I did put a lot of thought into my outfits but eventually decided to listen to my dear readers and focused more on being myself. I felt less stress wearing clothes I was comfortable in and was really happy with what I decided on.

    The class I helped with was the sewing/crafts class and it went really well! Susan is amazing and had everything completely planned out + ready to go.

    Have fun with the links! There are some great ones!

  10. your hair is so shiny & pretty! it sounds like it was an absolutely amazing time. i just know, in the very near future, that you will be chosen to be one of the featured speakers. i checked out a lot of the other featured bloggers & they still don't even come close to motivating me the way you do!

    you look darling!

  11. looks like it was sooooo much fun.
    i can tell you were inspired! :)

  12. so glad you enjoyed the panel. it was such a treat to meet you. your blog is simply stunning.

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