Want Need Wear Read Tags Listed!

The Christmas countdown has officially begun at the cozy brick house. There are paper chain remnants on the children's bedroom floors + the excitement in the air is tangible.

How are you faring, friends? Is your shopping done? How about your wrapping?

I still have a lot of wrapping to accomplish but first wanted to create some new Want Need Wear Read tags for our packages. Saturday's slushy snow was the perfect excuse to stay indoors and craft.

I decided to spice up the classic wood tags with pretty gold eyelets. The little bit of sparkle makes me happy.

And the classic paper tags have a fun new font.

Both are available right now in the shop. Quantities are limited so if you would like some, snatch them up fast.

p.s. You can read more about our Want Need Wear Read tradition here.


  1. My shopping is completely done... I've wrapped everything except the couple things that haven't arrived yet. Tomorrow I have cookies to make to send out to my Uncle.

    I forgot to tell you - your 30 days of kindness was mentioned on my blog on Wednesday.


  2. 500 sales!! I just saw that on your Etsy page. SO cool!!

    We still have the set of tags I bought from you 2 years ago and we love them! Although, I guess I should order 4 more tags since we now have Eva...

  3. i haven't even begun shopping. we are waiting for a little thing called "money" to be refunded to us, & then we will be off & running. i am the worst procrastinator at Christmas...it's a tradition!

    i really love the brown & white color scheme of the packages here...so pretty.

  4. I LOVE this idea. I don't have kids yet, but this is so perfect to start so we don't go overboard on our shopping (like last year). It works for a simple Christmas!

  5. We started the something you want, need, wear, read tradition this year. I added art as well because that is important too. I adore your gift tags...wish I had found your blog before Christmas!

    Precious tags and beautiful blog...


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