This very moment. . .

Instead of checking off my to dos I'm cuddling this little man. Oliver spent some time in the ER last night. He has a cold and unfortunately, when he's sick his lungs are the hardest hit. Poor boy suffers terribly this time of year.

Happily, we are home and he is feeling better. He's a cranky, wild beast but he's feeling better.

My washing machine died on Saturday. Sad, sad day.

Brandi is serenading me with The Heartache Can Wait. I love her.

There has been a big Christmas card debate this year. I was unsure if I should to send them. Then I came to my senses and decided I had to send them. I love mailing cheery Christmas greetings too much to let go of this tradition. 

Winter break begins on Friday at 3:20 pm. I can't stop thinking about it.

Winter break begins on Friday at 3:20 pm?! 
Oh boy.


  1. even when sick he is still adorable...sure hope he is feeling better now. xo, J :)

  2. Sending Christmas cards is a lot of work but every year when they start rolling in, I'm glad I participate in the tradition. It's so much fun to greet friends and loved ones with a family portrait and to see how much their families have changed too.

  3. Poor little dude! I hope he is doing better. And I hope you're getting some sleep, too. I thought of you today while strumming my guitar. Merry Christmas!!

  4. The poor boy! And poor mom/dad having to go through it. I just hate when my little one is sick, I feel so bad for him!

  5. That's so sad! I hope he gets better soon! My Oliver is headed to the hospital this week too for some testing and there is something extra sad about seeing tiny guys like that in the hospital.

  6. how cute is that ollie in his jammies. hoping the trip to the ER gave you a sweet little moment - just the two of you. hope your both snug in your beds tonight, though.
    love, lindsay

  7. He looks so sweet. Poor little guy. I hope he's feeling better and less wild beast-ish very soon ;)

    We LOVE your Christmas cards and look forward to them every year! I know how much work they are, but just know that your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. We are sending them out for the first time in 3 years...tomorrow! (if i can get them all addressed in time!)

    So looking forward to Friday at 3:20!

  8. Woohooo! I am so glad that your annual card will be coming (am I being totally presumptuous in assuming I am getting one??!)

    Anyways, I am sorry about the ER. Abby told me that Oliver had been in the hospital and my heart ached for him [and you]. We know all about trips to the ER and they are never fun.

    I hope that he gets well soon at that you are able to enjoy all the beauties of the season.

  9. I hope Oliver feels better! He does look so stinkin' cute in the picture though!

    I'm glad you are doing the Christmas cards too. We go through that debate every few years at our house too, but in the end, always decide to do them. It's a fun tradition and I absolutely LOVE receiving Christmas cards from others! We are dropping off ours either on Sunday night or Monday night and Carson even commented how he likes to stop at your house because it was fun to get one of those presents!

  10. i cannot get enough of that picture. so cute.
    so sorry about your washing machine-love brandi-this is my first year sending Christmas cards in over 7 years-and I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE MY BOYS HOME FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK!

  11. Poor boy! My little 4 year old has asthma {I assume Oliver does too?} And his first 3 years were spent in and out of the ER I think we went 9 times one year and had to be transferred to a different hospital by ambulance once. We've since had a wonderful asthma and allergy doctor and he is on controller medicines. He also has a refillable liquid steroid prescription {yes he is pretty bad!} for when he needs it. But, it's all about the doctor. I hope you are all getting the rest you need and that he is breathing deeply. My thoughts are with you. The winter is the WORST!


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