My surprise birthday weekend was all about firsts.

It was... first time seeing those mountains covered in snow. first time eating genuine Café Rio. first time in a real music video. (it's true!) first time attending the Beehive Bazaar. first time meeting a lovely blogger I admire. first time at the conference center for Music and the Spoken Word.

What else? I'm sure I'm missing something.

Oh, yes! first time seeing Paul Jacobson & The Madison Arm, Fictionist and Libbie Linton live.
The show was great. Mr. Jacobson's voice? It sort of stirs my soul. 

[and this sweet babe? perfection. he was a trooper]

We also...

...visited with a few fave cousins Jen + Cory + Noelle + Mark. addicted to satellite radio.
...ate cupcakes.

All in all, the weekend was delicious.

p.s. you can read the Passionista's account here.


  1. that was so great you could come during the bazaar, what perfect timing!

    it was lovely to meet you! and, i can't believe you haven't had cafe rio before. it's really addicting right?

  2. So glad you all had such a great time! And so glad you have now experienced the bliss that is Cafe Rio...I want to go to there.

  3. those cupcakes look amazing, so glad you had such a fun bday!

  4. Ditto to everything!
    I hope this becomes a tradition.


  5. It was so fun to meet you Danyelle! I'm so glad you got to enjoy a bunch of the things we are all spoiled with here.

    What fun friends you have to plan a fun little getaway with.

  6. you should absolutely make it a tradition! i don't miss living in utah as much as you might think, however, i do miss those provo mountains. absolutely incredible.

    i'm so happy for you that you have such wonderful friends. definitely a huge blessing!

  7. hey this is awesome. i think you were in my hometown of UTAH. yay. isn't that cafe rio to die for?!


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