Thanksgiving Place Cards.

I can hardly believe Thursday is Thanksgiving. It feels like I just changed my desktop calendar to November, but here we are just a few days away. Have you started thinking table decor yet? If not, I may just have the thing for you. We're scheduled to eat dinner with my in-laws this year and I made up these place cards as an experiment. They turned out so well, Abby and I have decided to make them for everyone at our Thanksgiving table. That's 27 place cards. We better get busy!

I created a template to share with all of you so you could join in the fun too. The template includes a pattern for one large boat and two smaller boats but you can print off as many as you need. You can download it here.

To create your own place cards you will need a few basic supplies.

paper mayflower place card template
bamboo skewers
glue gun
river rocks (I purchased polished rocks from the floral department at Wal-Mart for $4.99)
card stock
hole punch
pretty masking tape (optional)
modeling clay

Step 1: Cut out the three boats then following the dashed lines, cut slits to the fold line. Repeat on both ends of each boat.

Step 2: Fold the paper on the fold line.

Step 3: Using hot glue, secure the ends of the boat closed.

Step 4: Add pretty Japanese masking tape for a touch of color. Or not. It's up to you.

I cut the sails out of white card stock and punched holes in the top and bottom. Trim your skewers to the height you like and then stick your skewers through the punched holes.

To keep the skewers standing tall, I placed a bit of modeling clay in the bottom of the boat and stuck the skewer in the center. Adding the polished rocks also helped keep them upright.

A few other ideas: You could fill your boats with trail mix or almonds. Or how about filling the large boat up with popcorn like this turkey? That might be fun! Whatever you decide to do I'm sure it will turn out just right and your family will feel special and loved.


  1. Hee. They're so quaint and lovely. Happy Thanksgiving week.

  2. seeing the final product in "print" is making me giddy. love them.
    love, lindsay

  3. I saw something similar to this in PB Kids....but this is so much more cost effective! Great idea!!!

  4. Darling as usual, Danyelle! Happy Thanksgiving Day!

    ps. I want your table! or is it not a table? You must share.

  5. so darling!

    i featured them in my last minute thanksgiving ideas on my blog!

    great idea!

  6. An oldie but a goodie! Featured this today at

  7. Just came across these and they are lovely! I'll be using them this year. Thanks!

  8. This is so cute! We shared this on our business facebook & twitter feed. ( with a link back to your Blog!

    Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  9. These are lovely, and if I have the time I hope to make them for our celebration. Thank you!