Around Here.

On My Ipod:

Mindy has been echoing through the cozy brick house all week.

You know, in preparation for the big show.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I fall asleep everynight humming her songs in my excited for tomorrow night :)

  2. ive been playing all about your heart on repeat all morning

  3. I love your "Around Here" posts. Keep em comin'!

    P.S. where did you get that cute little yellow dish?

  4. Marilyn,

    There's a sad story about the yellow dish. It was actually part of the most darling little butter dish you've ever seen. It was given to me as a gift, I believe from Anthropologie. Unfortunately, one day Miss Audrey broke the top to the dish. And I cried. I loved it that much. It is now a little home for my phone. Which is pretty sweet too, right?

    I believe you can still find the butter dishes on Anthropologie's website.


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