This very moment...

It's nearly 5:00pm and Audrey + Oliver are napping.

I have been thinking a lot about this little blog space of mine. 
I feel a change comin'... 

I'm counting down the days until this concert. Have you bought your tickets yet?

The morning was spent at the pumpkin patch with Owen's kindergarten class. Have I ever told you how much I love kindergartners? Why, you ask? Lots of reasons really, but here are a few: they are all best friends, they hold hands + they still like it when their moms tag along on field trips.

I just finished making caramel apples with two dear friends. Don't they look delish? I wish I could package one up and send it to you.

On the agenda this weekend: 3 soccer games, leaf raking, fence staining and maybe (if I can convince Ryan to let me) we'll start a cozy fire. I'm crossing my fingers. 

Oh, and caramel apple eating.

Happy Weekend to you! 


  1. Okay, yum!!!! Those look delish! When Cole said he was making caramel apples with Owen, I thought it was more of a kiddie cooking time---you know, like when you make sugar cookies with the kids and they look like children-made cookies? But those look like perfection!

    The field trip was fun today. There's just something about going to the pumpkin patch that I absolutely love. And it cracked me up that there were literally like 50 parents there. Oh, and who knew that the petting zoo would include a zebra and a wallaroo!

  2. delicious post my friend. quite the moment. am excited about the concert. am dropping hints like crazy to my hubby and hoping he's on board for a great date night. ;)

    good luck with your cozy fire.

    am eager to learn of your change a-comin'.

  3. I love going to the pumpkin patch with the kids, especially kindergarteners! It sounds like it was a great day.

    Your apples look divine! Did you make them with Kim? She brought me one last week and I'm still dreaming about it!

  4. #1 - you are more than welcome to package one of those yummies up & send it to me.
    #2 - change? i'm excited & strangely nervous all at the same time.
    #3 - i love holding hands with little ones. i pretend it will last forever.
    #4 - tickets on friday!
    #5 - i saw your fire this morning. you must be convincing!

  5. I'm dying for one of those apples. Dying I tell you! I'm on a diet so I can't have one. But I wish I could because caramel apples are my absolute favorite!

  6. yummy! My kids would LOVE these as a special treat. I just discovered your blog through 6th street. So happy I have. It's beautiful.

  7. oh man those look good....and we do live in the apple capital of the world I do believe and that just makes them even better! I live just down the road from you a spell in the little town of Walla Walla. Happy fall to you!


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